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Snapmuse Published: Oct 21, 2021 Updated: Mar 17, 2023 7 min read
Unless stated otherwise, all music tracks are subject to at least one subtype of licensing, such as a Creative Commons license. The aim of music licensing is to protect the rights of the composer and the artist. 

If the copyright owner of a song does not permit you to use their music in your content, or documentaries, whether it be for personal or commercial use, you will risk facing serious copyright infringements. In such cases, the copyright owner can block your content, meaning that you will not be able to receive any more views, mute your content’s audio, or monetize your content. 

That is why, if you want to add music to your Facebook videos, Twitch streams, Instagram posts, YouTube content, or commercial projects, you should not be taking music licensing for granted. Licensed music requires payment each time it is played. That is why most professionals opt for using license-free music. 

License free music does not require making a payment for each time you use a song in a creative project or play it in the background of your videos.

Using License Free Music

License free music grants immense creative freedom to artists, vloggers, influencers, advertisers, and content creators. Using license-free music for the content you create and share on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, and YouTube will allow you to elevate your videos and monetize them freely when you are working with the right royalty-free music platform. 

If you need non copyright songs for your video content, you can discover our rich library of royalty-free music from various moods, genres, and usage areas at! Depending on your choice, you can subscribe to our Standard or Commercial plans, or request a single-track license to purchase the song you liked the best for your video.

License Free Music for Videos -  Listen and Download Best 19 Picks

License Free Music for YouTube

If you are curious about the keys to how to become a YouTuber and want to publish and monetize your content on YouTube, you should only be using non-licensed music. YouTube’s Content ID system is a very advanced tool that can track whether you used copyrighted music in your content or not.
Keep in mind that editing copyrighted music into your content is not the only way for your YouTube video to receive Content ID claims. Let’s say you uploaded a daily vlog on YouTube, and there is a clip of you laying on your living room sofa, listening to a copyrighted song - yes, you guessed it right, you will still be risking copyright claims.

That is why it is very crucial to use royalty-free YouTube background music in your videos. Otherwise, according to YouTube’s Content ID rules, your account may be suspended and the copyright owner can restrict your video’s views, mute the audio, and monetize your content. 

Browse our YouTube royalty-free music library now to find the best license-free songs for your next video!

Non-Licensed Music for Facebook & Instagram

Similar to YouTube, both Facebook and Instagram strictly require the use of non-licensed music in any content published on these platforms.

Here at Snapmuse, there are a rich variety of royalty-free music options to browse for your next creative project. From 8D music to high-quality sound effects, you can start discovering our music library to find the right license-free music for your Facebook and Instagram videos today!

License Free Music for Videos -  Listen and Download Best 19 Picks

License Free Music for Commercial Use

Using licensed or copyrighted music in your commercial content can hurt your brand’s image very drastically by attracting negative attention to your brand’s name due to copyright claims, causing you to get your account suspended, wasting your money, and facing legal disputes. 

That is why many professional brands opt for using license-free musical commercials to use in their content. You can explore our extensive library of royalty-free music across all genres and set the right mood for your content that perfectly resonates with your brand’s voice!

License Free Background Music

You can use license-free background music in your YouTube videos, Instagram content, Twitch streams, and Facebook videos to attract more followers and engage your viewers. 

If you are wondering whether someone has the right to download YouTube videos from your channel and rightfully use the copyright-free music you added to your videos through your subscription to a royalty-free music library, the answer is of course, no. So, without any concerns, you can start creating captivating videos using license-free music to stand out with your content!

Christmas Music

Celebrate the most joyous time of the year with license-free Christmas music.

Classical Music

Create soothing and sophisticated videos using free license classical music.

Workout Music

Stay motivated with license free workout music, break new personal records at the gym, and inspire your audience!

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