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Unless stated otherwise, all music tracks are subject to at least one sub-type of licensing, such as Creative Commons license. The aim of licensing is to protect the rights of the composer.

If you want to use music in your Facebook videos, Twitch streams, Instagram posts, YouTube content or commercial projects, you should pay attention to the licensing. Licensed music requires payment for each time it is played. That is why most professionals opt for using license free music.

License free music does not require making a payment for each time you use it in a project or play it.

Using License Free Music

License free music grants immense creative freedom to artists, vloggers, influencers, advertisers and content creators. You can use license free music on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, YouTube and various other platforms freely.

If you need license free music for videos, you can either purchase the song you liked best in our license free music library or view our subscription options to see which one answers your needs best.

License Free Music for YouTube

If you want to publish and monetize your content on YouTube, you should only use non licensed music. Otherwise, YouTube may suspend your account, delete your video or disable monetization options for you.

Browse our YouTube license free music library now to find the best license free songs for your next video!

Non-Licensed Music for Facebook & Instagram

Similar to YouTube, both Facebook and Instagram strictly require the use of non licensed music in any content published on these platforms.

Discover the best license free music for Facebook and Instagram now!

License Free Music for Videos -  Listen and Download Best 19 Picks

License Free Music for Commercial Use

Using licensed or copyrighted music in your commercial content can hurt your brand very significantly by:

  • Attracting negative attention,
  • Causing you to lose your account,
  • Leading to legal disputes and money loss.

That is why many professionals opt for using license free music for commercial use in their content. You can freely use no license music in your commercial videos without having to mention the artist or make attributions.

License Free Background Music

You can use license free background music in your YouTube videos, Instagram content, Twitch streams and Facebook videos to attract more followers and engage your viewers. Create captivating videos using free license free music now!

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