Trending Reel Songs and Audio on Instagram; How to Find Them?

You’ve created the perfect reel! You know that it will go viral if you can just find the right song to match it! Now, you are asking yourself how to find trending Reels songs and trending audio on Instagram. Well don’t worry, we got you covered!

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Gökberk Kızıltan

Oct 17, 2023

Oct 18, 2023


Trending Reel Songs and Audio on Instagram; How to Find Them?

How to find trending songs on Instagram reels?

It is no secret that Instagram is giving more visibility to Reels. Meaning that a Reel, if done successfully, is a great way to supercharge your discoverability. But one thing you should know is that the algorithms are actually favouring Reels that use trending songs. So if you want your Reel to reach a wide audience, you are better off using trending songs and audio. 

Below you’ll find 6 essential tips on how to find trending audio on Instagram, but remember that these are tips for personal users. Due to music copyrights, businesses should always use royalty free music for Instagram. Otherwise, they won’t be able to boost their reels, and worse, they’ll risk facing legal action from right holders. If you are using an Instagram business account you’ll be presented with the Instagram royalty free music library when adding a song to your Reel. If you want to go beyond this limited library and bring your A-game when creating Reels, then you can look for royalty free music for Instagram reels on our platform. There you’ll also find trending Facebook Reels songs.

With that, let’s quickly get to finding trending Instagram Reels songs.

6 ways to find trending sound/songs for Instagram reels online

We organized our pointers in 6 easy tips. Just follow our tips to match your videos with trending Ig songs and you’ll be set for success:

Tip #1: Bookmark Later's Weekly Reels Trends Blog

You’ll be happy to know that you are not the only one looking for trending Instagram songs. This is a question millions of creators are asking themselves. As a result, some websites started listing trending music on Instagram. One of the most well-known and reliable sources is Later curates and updates a weekly list of popular Instagram songs. Bookmark this list to remain ahead of the curve about trending sounds on Instagram.

You can also use Later’s list as a time machine to check what popular reels songs creators were using in the past weeks and months. A feature that should take your TBT posts to the next level. For example, if you want to do a 2023 recap reel using trending songs on Instagram Reels 2023. You’ll thank us later.

Tip #2: Scroll Your Instagram Reels Feed

What better way to find popular Reels songs than some good old market research? Fear not! This market research is something that you are already doing. Just be more mindful when scrolling Instagram and keep an eye out for the songs other creators in your niche use. 

Another good way to stay ahead of the curve is to use popular Reel songs that creators from other niches use. This will give you the opportunity to adapt tried and tested content to your niche. Don’t forget that a Reels song might get popular in one niche and spread to other niches. Use this to your advantage!

Tip #3: Browse Instagram's Weekly Trend Report

Have you visited Instagram’s Weekly Trend Report yet? If not, you are missing out. Instagram regularly shares updates, tips and tricks on their @Creators page. It’s basically a creator’s guide to Instagram by Instagram. You’ll find useful information from music trends to tips about improving your profile there. If you want to up your Reels game and find the best songs for reels, Instagram’s @Creators page must be a part of your timeline.

Tip #4: Get Inspired on TikTok

If you are active both on Instagram and TikTok, you might have noticed that some trends on Instagram Reels start on TikTok first. In other words, TikTok is sometimes where viral trends start. This is because the two apps have different audiences and part of Reels’ strategy to compete with TikTok is by encouraging people to repost on Instagram, posts that went viral on TikTok. This can give you a competitive edge when looking for top Reels songs, even before they become viral. Just keep an eye out on TikTok trends and adapt trending songs to your Reels to front-run top Reels songs.

Tip #5: Follow Trending Reels Instagram Accounts

Determining what goes viral and when is not an exact science. However, if the majority of top accounts are jumping on board a trend then chances are, that trend will go viral. And the song that’s used will go viral with it. A great rule of thumb is to keep trending Reels Instagram accounts on your radar to be able to find and use any trending Reels songs early on.

Tip #6: Save Trending Reels Songs You Like

This might seem obvious to some but if you never used Instagram’s save song function when scrolling through songs, it’s time to start developing the right habits. When you open the music tab on Instagram, the songs that are curated for you are based on your previous downloads and trending Instagram Reels songs. So if you come across a song that you like and think that it has potential, simply click on the save button and use the track in your future Reels.

Don’t forget to check our “How to Save Music on Instagram” article for more details or if you are interested in saving a story as well!

Schedule and Auto Publish Instagram Reels

Alright! Now you know how to find trending audio on Instagram. The next thing you need to make sure is that you are consistent with your uploads. This will allow the algorithm to show your content to more users on a continuous basis. Most creators find it easier to film in batches so that they know there is a constant stream of uploads coming up. This gives them more time to plan, shoot and edit their next Reels. So once you have a couple of videos ready, don’t just publish them in the same day or week. Schedule them!

Trending songs on Instagram Reels 2023

Using trending songs on your Instagram Reels will increase your chances of going viral. Follow the 6 tips you just read above and you’ll make sure to stay ahead of the curve on upcoming trends. Don’t forget that if you are running a business account or if you need free royalty free sound effects for your Reels, you need to use a royalty free music platform to avoid copyright issues. You can check our website for the best royalty free songs and sound effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

While both features look similar, there are some differences between Instagram Reels and Facebook Reels. First and foremost Instagram Reels can be longer than Facebook Reels which are limited to 60 seconds. The audience is also different between the two Reels. Facebook Reels are normally suggested to a wider audience regardless of whether users follow that particular account or not. But keep in mind that both platforms have different user demographics. Meaning the content that’s successful on one platform may not be as successful on the other.

If you can’t see trending audio on Instagram, you can visit Instagram’s @Creators account, check Later’s trending Instagram Reels songs list or simply click on the add song function when uploading a Reel to see trending reels songs curated for you.

Trending songs on social media are very dynamic and can change from one week to the other. Make sure to read our blog article called “Trending Reel Songs and Audio on Instagram; How to Find Them?” to make sure you are always one step ahead in finding the most trending and top reel songs!

An Instagram Reel should be between 15-90 seconds.

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