Royalty Free Music by Moods

Discover our royalty free music with music moods. Find the track that matches your mood.

Exploring Royalty-Free Music by Moods

At Snapmuse, we understand that every moment in life has its own unique mood. That’s why we've curated a diverse collection of royalty-free music for different moods to match your feelings on your content creation journey.
From adventurous tunes to the soothing calm meditation music, we've got the soundtrack to your every mood covered. Whether you're crafting content that needs a heroic score to elevate the excitement in your audience or searching for the perfect royalty free relaxation music or healing songs to unwind the finale of the vlog music for YouTube vlogs, our library has it all.
Explore our mood-based royalty-free music selection to find the type of music that resonates with the heart of your content. Start your 30-day free trial today to get unlimited access to over 18,000 royalty-free tracks across all music moods. Forget copyright strikes and monetize your content with ease.

Setting the Tone with Snapmuse’s Royalty-Free Mood Music - Happy Songs, Upbeat Music, Funny Songs, Sad Music, and More

Whether you’re seeking to reflect a dash of joy with happy songs and upbeat songs in your content, add a bit of humor with funny songs, or embrace a somber mood with sad music, our royalty-free mood music collection is your one-stop destination for sonic storytelling.
Subscribe today and make sure to connect your socials to your Snapmuse account. This way, we can whitelist your channels for you to enjoy diving into the perfect mood on your content creation journey without the worry of copyright claims.

Tapping into Your Mood with Royalty-Free Background Music

Setting the stage with royalty-free music by moods is a seamless experience with Snapmuse Music. From funny background music and warm & cozy tunes to upbeat royalty-free music and sexy songs, we've got a type of royalty free background music to accompany your social media content, podcasts, ads, and creative projects.
What is more, you can narrow down your music searches by navigating the “Filters” panel at the left side of your screen. This way, in addition to moods, you will be able to select genres, usage areas, BPM, duration, vocals (based on royalty free instrumental music or female/male vocals), and turn on/off explicit content.
Dive into our royalty-free music catalog today to discover the perfect soundtrack that syncs with your content’s mood. Start your 30-day free trial to get unlimited access to our music and SFX catalog.