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Browse royalty-free tracks and find the best music for your YouTube videos.

If you produce videos for YouTube, you must know how difficult it is to find high quality, royalty free music that will complement your videos. You are in luck though, in Snapmuse you can find thousands of popular royalty free tracks by top artists. Browse our comprehensive royalty free music library and find the perfect track that will bring life to your videos and projects.

In Snapmuse, you can find thousands of audio, media, playlists and full length royalty free songs that are suitable for commercial use. Check our impressive audio library now and browse top tracks for your online videos!

Royalty Free Music for YouTubers

The music is an important element of a video. With the help of right music, your content becomes more vivid and captivating, as a result it gains the ability to evoke a wide range of emotions in your audience: happiness, excitement, sadness, melancholy, thrill, nostalgia, fear, expectation and much more. That is why finding the best music for your videos has utmost importance. In a way, music brings the video content to life and helps you monetize your content.

If you want to create professional, engaging and lively videos for your YouTube channel, browse our extensive audio library in Snapmuse and find the best free music for YouTube videos.

High Quality Background Music for Content Creators

Creating memorable video content is not an easy task. Finding the right visual content, editing the images and videos in a professional and unique style, adding the music to your creation… It all requires diligent work and experience. But you are in luck, because we offer thousands of high quality, free background music for YouTube videos and various other video content in Snapmuse. Browse our music library and download the best royalty free music for YouTube. Grow your audience and break viewing records on video sharing platforms with the help of exclusive tracks by top artists on Snapmuse.

Learn How to Use Free Music on YouTube

If you are a content creator, your videos must abide by the rules of YouTube. The images and content of your videos must align with the quality standards and community rules of the video sharing platform. In addition, the music you use in your content must be royalty free.

If you want to share your video on major video sharing platforms, you should avoid using copyright music. You can use royalty free music for YouTube videos or you can opt for YouTube creator music. You can find all these categories and more in Snapmuse.

Learn How to Use Free Music on YouTube

Using Music on YouTube

If you regularly create content for YouTube royalty free music must be a familiar term for you. Due to the copyright restrictions, YouTube requires the use of royalty free music on every content you create and publish in this platform.

Using music on your YouTube videos and previews makes your content more alluring, professional looking and captivating. With the right music for YouTube, you can evoke many emotions in your audience, convey your message across and make your video content unforgettable.

On Snapmuse, you can find free music to use on YouTube. Moreover, you can browse through our extensive music library and find sound effects and free intro music for YouTube.

Snapmuse offers free music to use for YouTube videos and no copyrighted music for YouTube. Check our free audio library and find what you need!

How to Use Creative Commons Music on YouTube

With the Creative Commons system, you can easily use various “rights reserved” music in your videos on YouTube for free. In other words, you can employ music with Creative Commons license in your YouTube content legally and without paying any charges.

When you use Creative Commons Music in your YouTube content, YouTube automatically generates a signature for your video. In other words, YouTube takes care of the attribution process. The signature of your video implies that you are making use of Creative Commons Content. When your video has a signature, the title of the music you use appears below the video player to inform the viewer.

Top Royalty Free Music You Can Use on YouTube

If you are looking for a cool intro music for YouTube or free music for YouTube channel, you are in luck! Snapmuse offers thousands of royalty free music for YouTube creators including but not limited to cute background music for YouTube videos, audio for YouTube videos, good intro music for YouTube, free ambient music for YouTube and more.

Browse our library and discover various genres of exclusive royalty free tracks including rock, pop, classical, instrumental, reggae, world, indie and more. You can find royalty free intro music for YouTube, funny sound effects for YouTube and free audio for YouTube videos on Snapmuse page.

Examples of Free Music for YouTube Videos

5 Best Genres and Moods for YouTube

Intro music sets the tone for your video and captures the attention of your viewers. That is why finding the right intro music for YouTube is crucial for the growth of your channel. Your intro must reflect your character, style and content. Snapmuse offers free intro music for YouTube videos. Browse 10 best genres and moods for YouTube and find the right fit for you.

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