How to Become a YouTuber? The Ultimate Checklist to Become a YouTuber

Being one of the most popular video sharing platforms, YouTube offers endless possibilities to content creators. If you want to use the popularity of this platform to kickstart your online career, see our guide below.

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Being a successful YouTuber

With its millions of active users, YouTube offers content creators an unmatched chance to grow their audience and build a lucrative business. In addition to impressive revenue opportunities, being a YouTuber also means having an out of the ordinary career path: YouTubers almost never find themselves confined into a boring office, working a dull job from 9 to 5. Instead, they get to work from wherever they want and whenever they want, moreover, their job entails talking about the things they really enjoy and love!

If you want to relish the perks of being a successful YouTuber, we must let you know that building an impressive and lucrative YouTube channel is not an easy task. You must know your strengths well, recognize your target audience and their taste, and follow a solid plan to make it big on YouTube. Luckily, we are here to help you!

If you want to know the secrets of being a successful YouTuber or are looking for YouTube channel ideas for beginners, we got you covered. Take a closer look at our detailed guide below to kickstart your YouTube career.

How to Become a YouTuber?

The life of a successful YouTuber is very alluring: Basing your career on your hobbies and favorite activities, working from wherever you want, enjoying perks like gifts and event invitations from big brands, being your own boss and many other aspects of the YouTuber career path attracts many people to this profession. As a result, there is a very fierce competition amongst YouTubers. 

If you want to set yourself apart from your competitors and build a lucrative YouTube channel, you must have plan and a strategy. You must invest in yourself and your channel in ways that makes your content more alluring to your followers. One way to do is using royalty free music in your videos so that they evoke strong emotions in the viewer. Another way is exploring YouTube niches and trends to create videos that can go viral.

If you feel overwhelmed or lost, don’t worry! We are here to offer you a simple and easy to follow guide to become successful on YouTube. Below you can find 10 easy steps that will walk you through how to find your niche, how to monetize YouTube videos and more. Read our detailed guide below to start your YouTube journey now!

10 Steps to Become a Successful YouTuber

Despite how easy it looks, running a successful YouTube channel requires effort, dedication, know-how and resilience. If you want to find yourself a place amongst the YouTube elite, you must know your audience, how to highlight your strengths and how to come up with a fail-proof strategy. 

In order to reach millions through your YouTube channel, you must create unique and engaging content that speaks to your target audience. In order to do so, you must keep up with the trends and make use of free music for YouTube. Moreover, you must always remember that success doesn’t come overnight. You must be persistent and keep producing new content regularly to attract new followers. 

If all these sounds a bit complicated, don’t worry! We have outlined 10 easy steps for you to follow. See below to learn the intricacies of running a successful YouTube channel.

Before you start: Define what success means to you.

After starting your YouTube journey, it is very easy to get lost in the hassle and lose sight of what motivates you. That is why it is essential to set a specific goal and define what success means to you before you start sharing your content with the world.

YouTube has a very specific yardstick when it comes to the “success” of a content creator: The number of viewers. That is why it is best to set a goal number of viewers for your videos and make your plan accordingly.

1-Decide on a niche for your YouTube channel 
First step of your long and exciting journey is finding your niche. 

YouTube offers billions of videos in thousands of different topics. In other words, you can find whatever you are looking for on YouTube regardless of how specific or unusual it is: From DIY videos to videos of people eating food, YouTube has every topic and niche covered! 

That is why it is a very wise first step to decide on your niche before everything else. Consider your strengths, interests, and hobbies: What do you like the most? What do you know the best? Your answers to these questions will guide to you towards your niche. 

Since YouTube is full of different concepts and gives birth to new trends very often, it is quite easy to get distracted in an attempt to cover all of the “hot topics.” That is why finding your niche and sticking with it is very important. 

When you try to attract a vast crowd with very different tastes, you cannot attract anyone. In order to be successful, you must find your people and create content that interests them. This way you can maintain consistency, stay organized and grow your channel faster. 

2-Make a launch plan 
Planning is the key to success! That is why you must make a serious launch plan that should cover how often you will share content, what kind of standards you want your content to adhere to, which crowd you want to attract, and what are your milestones. 

Once you have your launch plan, don’t forget to check it regularly to see your progress and make sure that you follow your timeline consistently along the way.

3-Create a channel that stands out visually 
It is no secret that YouTube is a very visual platform! That is why how your videos look is as important as their content. Make sure that your thumbnails, profile picture and the cover of your YouTube channel pop up. Moreover, it is always a good idea to invest in a good video camera to make sure that your videos are in high quality. 

4-Optimize for SEO and stick to a content creation routine 
Setting up SEO for your YouTube videos is an essential step that will help you “make it” on the platform. When you follow SEO optimization procedures, you make sure that people who are looking for your content can find you easily. 

Moreover, a well optimized channel is recommended to the right crowd: People who are interested in your niche, people who are more likely to consume your content. 

Pay attention to the title of your videos and make sure that you use relevant keywords multiple times in your video descriptions. Study the metrics and statistics of your account to detect the best time to share new videos and stick to that routine to reach more people.
6-Be straightforward in your videos
Don’t complicate your content! Find relevant topics for your videos and focus on only one topic in each of your videos. Don’t try to cover everything. Your content must be easy to follow and easy to consume!
7-Stay informed regarding your niche 
Keep up with your niche as their interests or needs change. Your content must always answer their questions and keep them interested in your channel. 

Make sure that you always cater to constantly evolving needs of your niche. Keep an eye on other YouTube channels that aim to cater to your niche to follow trends and hot topics to stay relevant.

8-Engage with your community 
Make your followers feel heard and welcomed in your community. Read and answer comments below your videos and do live AMA sessions with your followers to remain in touch. 

Ensure two-way communication between you and your followers. When your crowd feels that they have a personal, sincere connection with you, they will be more inclined to come back to your channel and interact with your content.
9-Promote your channel with a website
Social media platforms have certain limitations. That is why having a website for your channel is important: There you can say and share anything you want with your followers. Moreover, you can attract new people through your website.
10-Learn from YouTube analytics
YouTube analytics is your best friend in this journey. Closely follow it to gain important insights and modify your content accordingly. 

See your better performing videos, try to find the secret behind their success so that you can apply it to your upcoming content. Don’t forget to learn from your mistakes too: Your worse performing videos can tell you what to avoid and why.

How do you start being a YouTuber?

Find your niche, build your strategy and start making videos! The best way to start your YouTube journey is taking action. Search for content ideas, find alluring images, browse different music genres to find the best background tracks and make lots of videos. That is all!

Is being a YouTuber easy?

If you have a detailed plan, yes, being a YouTuber is easy! It is all about knowing the next step you need to take. Set yourself specific goals, keep up with the trends and learn from thorough analytics YouTube offers. 

How much it pays to be a YouTuber?

Your revenue as a YouTuber depends on the size of your follower base. More followers means more income. 

If you manage to grow your channel, you can easily make a living off of your YouTube content. In addition to monetization chances YouTube offers, you can also get partnership deals with brands that aims to reach your niche and increase your income. 

Is YouTube a good career?

If you enjoy creating content in your areas of interest and have the determination to offer new videos regularly, being a YouTuber is a good career option for you.

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