Top 20 Gaming YouTube Influencers

YouTube has created some important gaming influencers in a very short amount of time. If you want to learn about the top 20 gaming YouTubers and derive inspiration from them, take a closer look at our post!

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Mar 05, 2023

Jul 17, 2023


Top 20 Gaming YouTube Influencers
With the debut of our favorite video-sharing platform, YouTube, in the mid-2000s, YouTubers also found their way into our lives. From its earliest days, YouTube allowed its users to create, share, and watch videos, and it immediately became popular as an easy-to-access platform for people to display their skills, express their ideas and opinions, interact with others, and build their own community. In time, some of the content creators managed to attract massive amounts of followers. Thus, they became influencers brought to the spotlight by YouTube. These well-known content creators are now referred to as YouTubers.

PewDiePie, Shane Dawson, Zoella, Jenna Marbles, and Casey Neistat are among the most famous and highest-earning YouTubers. These internet personalities have amassed gigantic followings thanks to their amusing, informative, and frequently bizarre video content. As time passed, a great majority of these popular YouTube content creators reached the level of celebrities. Some of them created their own brands, some found their way into films and TV shows with high production values, and some cashed out and decided to live a peaceful life away from probing cameras and passionate fans.

Let’s meet some of these famous YouTube content creators. With over 100 million subscribers, PewDiePie, a Swedish YouTuber, is one of the most popular and well-known YouTubers. He is well-known for his comic gaming material and amusing commentary backed up by royalty free music

Shane Dawson is another renowned YouTuber who has garnered a following for his conspiracy theories, documentaries, humorous acts, and personal vlogs.
Zoella is a renowned British YouTuber known for her lifestyle and beauty material, while Jenna Marbles is known for her hilarious videos involving her pets. Casey Neistat is a YouTuber and filmmaker who has garnered popularity through his vlogs and short films. He often uses open source game music in his content.

YouTubers have had a tremendous impact on popular culture, and many have turned their online notoriety into lucrative careers. They have also altered the way people consume and create material, with many people seeking inspiration, advice, and enjoyment from YouTubers. As a result, many firms and businesses have resorted to influencer marketing, collaborating with YouTubers to reach their target audiences and advertise their products and services.

YouTubers are a new form of influencer who use the power of video and social media to interact with their audience and promote their ideas, opinions, and products. With the continuous rise of social media, YouTubers are likely to continue to play an important part in popular culture. 

As part of the earth-shattering YouTuber sensation emerged gaming influencers on YouTube. A gaming influencer is someone who creates content on gaming and video games, and has a significant follower base on social media, often millions! They are very passionate and often very knowledgeable about video games. They create interesting and engaging content on video games. They stream their gameplay, share their tips and techniques with less experienced players, critique and rate new games, shoot Let's Play videos, and so forth. Through their platform, they build a community of like-minded individuals and reach gaming enthusiasts from all around the world. 

Gaming influencers are having a huge impact on the gaming industry, spreading the word about video games to a wider audience. They're changing the way people experience and create content related to video games, and lots of folks look to these gaming gurus for guidance, entertainment, and inspiration. Because of this, loads of gaming companies are jumping on the influencer marketing bandwagon and teaming up with these gaming influencers to reach and engage their target market.

If you want to know more about gaming influencers, we have shortlisted the top 20 gaming YouTubers for you. Read about their content, career path, and creative strategies to derive inspiration and forge your own path as a gaming influencer.

If you want to be as successful as the industry giants like PewDiePie or Ninja, learn the answers to questions like “Can you play video game music on Twitch?” and start creating your own content now. In order to make it like the big gaming influencers, learn from their practices. 

Moreover, make sure that your content complies with the restrictions of the platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, and TikTok. Highlight the best parts of your streams and content, use game intro music and similar audios to make your videos more interesting, and most importantly, keep gaming!

Top 20 Gaming YouTube Influencers

Top 20 Gaming Influencers on YouTube

Gaming influencers have significant power over the industry: By building strong and emotionally invested communities, they serve as a bridge between large developers and the most passionate gamers. 

If you want to learn more about the top 20 gaming influencers of 2023, see our list below: 

  1. VanossGaming
  2. Markiplier
  3. Jacksepticeye
  4. DanTDM
  5. PopularMMOs
  6. W2S
  7. Ali-A
  8. H2ODelirious
  9. TheSyndicateProject
  10. CaptainSparklez
  11. The Game Theorists
  12. theRadBrad
  13. SSSniperWolf
  14. Smosh Games
  15. TobyGames
  16. speedyw03
  17. iHasCupquake
  18. Bajan Canadian
  19. SeaNanners Gaming Channel
  20. FGTeeV

You can create your own gaming channel and be as successful as these A-lister influencers! All you need is royalty free video game music tracks to make your streams more interesting. Take a closer look at our playlist below to discover the best music to engage your audience.

1. VanossGaming
VanossGaming, a.k.a Evan Fong, is a Canadian internet sensation known for his montage-style videos on YouTube. He's also a music producer and DJ under the name Rynx and has even served as a creative director for a video game and a voice actor for YouTube Premium.

2. Markiplier
Markiplier, a.k.a Mark Edward Fischbach, is an Asian-American YouTuber based in LA. He wears many hats: He is a YouTube content creator, one of the co-founders of Cloak (a company that manufactures clothes), and the host of a very successful podcast, Distractible.

3. Jacksepticeye
Jacksepticeye, a.k.a Seán William McLoughlin, is a very famous YouTuber from Ireland. He is known for his entertaining vlogs and hilarious Let's Play series. He has a huge follower base: 28.9 million subscribers on Twitch and over 15.8 billion views! With these numbers, he has the biggest and most popular Irish channel on the platform. In addition, he is a business owner: He is the founder and CEO of Top of the Mornin' Coffee.

4. DanTDM
DanTDM, a.k.a Daniel Robert Middleton, is a YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and gamer based in the UK. He is widely famous for his video game commentaries covering a wide range of games including but not limited to Minecraft and Roblox.

5. PopularMMOs
PopularMMOs is a very popular channel that mainly broadcasts content focusing on various Minecraft mods. Patrick Brown and his wife Jennifer Flagg run and create content for this beloved channel.

6. W2S
W2S, a.k.a Harry Lewis, is known for his FIFA commentaries and is easily recognizable by his iconic blue jumper. He also has an alternative channel, W2Splays, for non-football games.

7. Ali-A
Ali-A, a.k.a Alastair Aiken, is a very famous and popular YouTuber based in the UK. He is impressively famous for his commentaries and let’s play videos focusing on Call of Duty and Fortnite. He's one of the highest-paid professional gamers with over 18 million subscribers.

8. H2ODelirious
H2O Delirious is part of the Vanoss Gaming crew. He creates engaging gaming videos and let’s play videos for his massive follower base. Despite being part of the crew, he's kept his identity a secret and only goes by the name Jonathon.

9. TheSyndicateProject
Syndicate, a.k.a Thomas George Cassell, is one of the very first gaming YouTubers ever! He publishes videos on his YouTube channel and does live streams on Twitch. He is based in the UK and found success with his gaming channel, "TheSyndicateProject."

10.  CaptainSparklez
CaptainSparklez, a.k.a Jordan Maron, is an American YouTuber, Twitch streamer, gamer, and musician best known for playing Minecraft.

11.  The Game Theorists
MatPat, born Matthew Robert Patrick on November 15, 1986, is a renowned American YouTuber and internet personality. He gifted the internet with three valuable channels: The Game Theorists which explores the realm of video games, The Film Theorists which offers a fresh perspective on cinema, and The Food Theorists which discovers new tastes. 
In addition to his very successful and dedicated YouTube channels, MatPat also does narration! In fact, he narrates almost all videos on his channels. Moreover, he also hosted the YouTube Premium series MatPat's Game Lab.

12.  theRadBrad
theRadBrad, real name Bradley Lamar Colburn, born on February 10, 1987, is a famous American YouTuber and Let's Player known for his video game walkthroughs. He is one of YouTube's top gaming creators, according to CEO Susan Wojcicki, and has been interviewed by several publications since becoming active in 2010. As of December 2021, theRadBrad has over 12.8 million subscribers and 5.5 billion views on his videos.

13.  SSSniperWolf
SSSniperWolf, also known as Alia "Lia Valentine" Shelesh, is a female YouTuber and gamer who derives her name from the character Sniper Wolf in Metal Gear Solid.

14.  Smosh Games
Smosh Games has attracted a significant amount of passionate followers through sharing interesting content on video games. The channel publishes several videos per week in various formats including but not limited to video game commentaries and let’s play videos. Initially, Padilla and Hecox were the regular hosts of the videos, but over time, they appeared less often, and the hosting duties were taken over by other Smosh Games members.

15.  TobyGames
Tobuscus, real name Toby Joseph Turner, born on March 3, 1985, is an American Internet personality and actor, best known for his YouTube videos. 

16.  speedyw03
Speedy, also known as Lucas Speed Eichorn Watson, rose to fame with his hilarious and memorable gaming videos. He is an influential YouTuber based in the USA. He is most famous for his channel Speedyw03, where he has uploaded videos about games such as GTA, Call of Duty, CS:GO, H1Z1, and recently, Fortnite.

17.  iHasCupquake
Tiffany Herrera, also known as IHasCupquake, is a YouTuber who combines her love for gaming and cosplay in her videos. She has been building a community of like-minded gamers on YouTube since 2010. She often plays horror games like The Walking Dead, Amnesia, and Five Nights at Freddy's. In addition, she regularly shares The Sims content.

18.  Bajan Canadian
Bajan Canadian, real name Mitch Hughes, is a 23-year-old Canadian YouTuber who gained his nickname due to his Canadian birth and upbringing in Barbados. He is best known for his Minecraft videos and focuses on competitive mini-games.

19.  SeaNanners Gaming Channel
SeaNanners, real name Adam Montoya, is a YouTuber who creates videos where he comments on various games. In the early stages of his career, he played on Xbox 360 and created content on Call of Duty. Then he switched to PC and started playing a wider range of games like Minecraft, Mini Golf, CoD Black Ops 2, and the Resident Evil franchise.

20. FGTeeV
The Family Gaming Team is a unique YouTube channel, catering to a younger demographic and offering a family-friendly environment. The majority of the content on the channel is created by the Skylander family who also runs the channel.

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