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Snapmuse Published: Jun 21, 2021 Updated: Jul 17, 2023 6 min read

Video games have surpassed being just a pastime activity. Now they are coherent multimedia experiences and unique storytelling tools that reach billions of people from all around the world. Action, shooter, role playing, hack and slash, story driven, MMORPG and more niche genres have emerged in time in order to cater to different tastes.

As the gaming industry grew bigger, video games turned into more impressive artworks that take the player on a memorable journey. In order to create more vivid environments and keep the players engaged, professional game developers employ background music.

If you want to create unique and captivating video games, take a closer look at our massive free video game music library where you can download game music free. Browse our library and find more Game Music now!

Best Royalty Free Game Music -  Top 20 Video Games Tracks

Background Music for Video Games

Video games are thorough experiences that take us to alternate universes and magical realms. In order to create such mesmerizing environments, video game developers tap into the power of music. Professional creators use free game music to evoke strong emotions in the player, create impressive cutscenes and make the gameplay an alluring experience.

If you want to create your own video games, you should make use of royalty free game music in order to offer an unforgettable gaming experience to your players. From free game music background to royalty free retro game music, you can find thousands of high quality, original tracks for game developers in our library.

If you are looking for background music for games free download, look no further! Browse now to find top video game music download!

Royalty Free Epic Game Music

Epic games take us on a journey where we face merciless foes and take on challenging tasks. In order to set the fantasy environment, most developers use royalty free video game music and enhance the overall experience.

If you are looking for game music download for epic games, browse our massive library now to find the best royalty free epic tracks from top artists.

Royalty Free Retro Game Music

In the last decade, retro games have made a huge comeback. So much so that most contemporary games opt for creating a retro feel to attract more players.

The most important aspect of a retro game is, of course, its retro background music. Browse our comprehensive free video game music download library now to find top royalty free retro game music and create unique, engaging retro games.

Royalty Free Music for Indie Games

With the advancements in technology and emergence of online platforms like Steam Shop, indie games have become much more relevant. They are unique, quirky and known for pushing the limits of the medium. That is why most indie games have catchy, memorable video game background music.

If you are a video game developer or gaming content creator, browse our royalty free music for indie games library where you can find high quality, royalty free gaming music.

Royalty Free Game Show Music

Being one of the most engaging and dynamic formats, game shows offer fun for all ages. Jeopardy!, Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune, The Price is Right and many more game shows remind us of our childhood or happy, carefree times of our lives.

If you want to create an atmosphere of such a light spirited competition, you should incorporate free royalty free game show music into your content. From YouTube videos and Twitch streams to quiz games, royalty free game show music works well with many different formats and mediums. Browse our library now for best gaming music mp3 free download.

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