Royalty Free Twitch Music
6 Tips to avoid DMCA takedowns

If you are a Twitch streamer and want to know what kind of music you can play during your streams, the answer is simple: You should only use royalty free music for streaming!

Snapmuse Published: Oct 21, 2021 Updated: Jul 17, 2023 7 min read

Royalty Free Twitch Music: Twitch-Approved Music for Streaming

As one of the top streaming platforms, Twitch has very strict rules and regulations when it comes to copyright and royalty issues. That is why all Twitch streamers must pay great attention to the music they play during their streams.

If you are a Twitch streamer and want to know what kind of music you can play during your streams, the answer is simple: You should only use royalty free music for streaming!

Twitch takes this issue very seriously. In fact, many streamers have lost their channels and followers for not using Twitch safe music. Don’t risk your channel and reputation, browse our Twitch music library to download free music for streaming now!

Top Twitch Music Genres

Twitch is a very competitive platform, that is why you must follow trends very closely if you want to “make it.” Don’t be late to the party, download the top Twitch stream music on Snapmuse now to grab the attention of your viewers and grow your audience.


Electronic songs are very popular on Twitch playlists as their upbeat rhythm keeps viewers engaged. See below for the best electronic music tracks for video streaming!


Hip, young and energetic, trap music is the best background music for gaming. If you need music for streaming on Twitch, discover our trap tracks now!

Indie Pop

Indie pop is the best music for Twitch: It is upbeat enough to keep your viewers interested and understated enough to allow them to focus on your content. Browse the best indie pop Twitch background music now!

6 Steps to Avoid DMCA takedowns due to playing music on Twitch

It is no secret that background music makes Twitch streams more appealing. That is why almost all major Twitch streamers use unique and fun background music or sound effects whether they are playing video games, opening gift boxes or just chatting with their viewers.

Although it makes streams more interesting, using music on Twitch streams introduces new risks, such as DMCA takedowns.

DMCA is an acronym that stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act. As its name suggests, DMCA deals with copyright issues. When a streamer uses copyrighted music on their stream without getting necessary authorizations, DMCA requests a takedown. Per this request, Twitch removes the content subjected to copyright issues and notifies the creator.

Moreover, a DMCA takedown can result in demonetization of your streams. In other words, you may not be able to gain money from your content. In addition, you may also face losing important partnerships, or even losing your account. That is why wise streamers always use DMCA safe music and pay attention to music licensing.

If you don’t want to deal with copyright issues, you should only use copyright free music for Twitch. Discover our non copyright music for Twitch library now to find thousands of stream safe music tracks now!

If you want to know how you can avoid DMCA takedowns, see our 6-step list below.

1. Avoid using copyrighted music

The fail-proof way of avoiding DMCA takedowns is not using copyrighted music. Instead of copyrighted tracks, you can use Twitch approved music, popular royalty free tracks or free music for streaming.

2. Pay attention to the games with copyrighted music

Not using copyrighted music on your streams is, unfortunately, not enough for avoiding DMCA takedowns. You must also pay close attention to the games with copyrighted music.

Most A++ games have a special budget for the music, so they either pay for copyrights of popular tracks or ask composers to create unique tracks for the game. If you play such a game with voice on during your stream, you might face serious copyright issues. That is why you should turn the volume of the game down if it has copyrighted music.

3. Delete your past streams

If you didn’t pay attention to not playing copyrighted music during your past streams, you should delete them as soon as possible. For your future streams, you should consider using copyright free music for streaming.

Non-copyrighted music, royalty free music or DMCA safe music are all better options for Twitch streams than copyrighted tracks.

4. Stop using songs during live streams

If the music licensing terms confuse you or make you feel overwhelmed, you can stop using songs during live streams altogether.

Since most streamers use music, this has become a norm in the Twitch streaming community. If you don’t want to stress yourself out by trying to find non copyrighted music for streaming, you can both avoid copyright issues and set yourself apart from the rest of the content creators by stopping using music during live streams.

5. Public permission by Artist may not be enough

Some artists may grant public permission to a group of content creators. Unfortunately, this public permission may not be enough in many cases. That is why you should opt for using copyright free music instead.

6. Use Royalty Free Music

If you are adamant on using engaging tracks during your streams to keep your audience interested, you should use royalty free music. Take a closer look at our free Twitch music archive to find top royalty free tracks.

Royalty Free Twitch Music 6 Tips to avoid DMCA takedowns

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