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Snapmuse Published: Oct 22, 2021 Updated: Feb 23, 2023 7 min read

The notion of open music is created through the application of the “open source” concept to the music. Similar to open source software, open source music allows many different experts and creatives from all around the world to collaborate in order to create breathtaking musical experiences.

What is Open Source Music?

Open source music (also known as open music) is the term for free, shareable music that is available in the source code form. In other words, you can use open music in your personal projects, YouTube videos, Twitch streams, podcasts and academic projects. Moreover, open music allows the users to create derivative forms. That is why you can compose your own songs or create impressive remixes using open source music.

If you are a content creator, try incorporating free open music for videos to make your content stand out.

Open Source Music for Videos and Podcasts

Open Source Music vs Royalty Free Music

Sometimes referred to as copyleft music, open source music requires no purchase or payment. You can simply listen or preview an open source music track, download it and use it in one of your projects. In this sense, open free music is very similar to royalty free music. You can use both open music and royalty free music without having to pay royalties.

RIAA’s and government’s approach to the music industry and listeners has been criticised severely by many authorities and music artists. That is why the concept of open source music and copyleft music has gained more popularity recently.

If you want to contribute to the composition process of mesmerizing songs or create impressive content with high quality, royalty free music, you can take a closer look at online open source music archives.

Open Source Intro Music

Make your content stand out by using catchy, unique intro music!

Intro music is one of the most important parts of a content: It has to grab the attention of your audience, ignite their curiosity and evoke strong emotions in their hearts. If you want to create memorable podcasts, impressive videos and fascinating streams, you should consider incorporating a unique intro track.

Open Source Background Music by Genres

If you want to impress masses and create a loyal audience base, you must not hesitate to use the power of music! With the right music, you can highlight the message of your video, evoke strong emotions in your audience or build lasting connections with your viewers.

Moreover, you can create dramatic and impressive films using open source background music for videos. If you want to reach a bigger audience, grow your brand or highlight your artistic talents, try enhancing your videos with open source background music.

Open Source Music for Videos and Podcasts

Classical Music

Classical music is one of the most popular genres due to its elegance, stylistic sophistication and rich cultural background. If you want to create an upscale atmosphere in your store, make your guests welcome in your restaurant or make your content look more professional, you should consider using open source classical music.

Enriched by a wide range of instruments like piano, violin, drums, viola, cello, harp, oboe and flute, classical music has the unprecedented potential of altering our mood and making us more productive. You can easily enhance your performance or polish your content with open source classic music.

Meditation Music

In our day and age, we have to deal with extreme amounts of stress induced by work, overcrowded cities, school, chores and much more. That is why finding time for self care and meditation has utmost importance.

With meditation, it is possible to alleviate stress, relieve muscle pain, improve cognitive performance and decision making abilities. If you want to live a better life and do something nice for yourself, take a closer look at our meditation music archive.

You can incorporate open source meditation music to your meditation sessions or content like guided meditation videos, spiritual podcasts, soothing vlogs and much more.

Jazz Music

Jazz music has a strong presence and remarkable character. Famous for its complex chords, unique vocals and appreciation of polyphonic improvisation, jazz music has the ability to improve our mood.

You can set a friendly, cool and inviting atmosphere in our home, shop, store or restaurant by playing some jazz music. Moreover, you can create sophisticated YouTube videos, artistic films, memorable advertisements and much more using open source jazz music.

Electronic Music

Feel the beat of electronic music! Attract a younger generation or get your audience dancing with electronic music.

Characterized by the use of digital instruments and gimmicks like distortion, electronic music is here to make some noise. You can incorporate open source electronic music into your content and grow your follower base.

Instrumental Piano Music

Being one of the oldest instruments, piano has a certain weight, gravitas. Even as a mere décor, it makes the room look more sophisticated. Moreover, it has many moods: It can play happy songs, energetic songs, soothing songs, sad songs and much more.

If you want to highlight your message or evoke strong emotions in your audience, you should consider incorporating open source piano music.

Open Source Music for Podcasts

Producing professional and memorable podcasts is not an easy task. Since podcasts rely heavily on the audio, it is not an easy task to grab the attention of your audience. Luckily, you can get some help from high quality, open source music for podcasts. You can add impressive intros, unforgettable outros and do much more with open source tracks.

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