Snapmuse, Epidemic Sound or Storyblocks: Which one suits your needs better?

There are many options when it comes to royalty free music providers. Just a quick search on the internet yields hundreds of alternatives but how will you know which one is the best fit for your needs? Easy! Read our detailed comparison before subscribing to a royalty free music library.

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Which one has the biggest library?

All three websites offer high-quality royalty free tracks but Epidemic Sound has the largest library by far: It offers 30,000 songs while Snapmuse offers 11,000 and Storyblocks has only 3,000 tracks.

On the other hand, Snapmuse and Storyblocks attract more visitors due to their more easy-to-use interface and user-friendly design compared to Epidemic Sound.

Which one offers monetization options?

Snapmuse, Epidemic Sound and Storyblocks offer monetization options.

Which one also has sound effects?

Epidemic Sound and Storyblocks offer a wide array of sound effects. SoundFX options are coming soon to Snapmuse as well.

Can I find remixes in any of these websites?

Yes! Snapmuse has remix songs in its library. Epidemic Sound and Storyblocks do not have remixes.

Can I get stems too?

You can get stem files from Epidemic Sounds as you please. Storyblocks does not share stems but you can make a request to Snapmuse to get them.

Do they have “find similar” feature?

Snapmuse is the only one among these top royalty free music libraries that offer “find similar” feature.

Which one has video theme search?

Only Snapmuse offers video theme search to its subscribers and visitors.

What about a video editing tool?

Most content creators purchase royalty free music for their videos, that is why Storyblocks offers a potent video editing tool to its subscribers.

Epidemic Sound does not have this feature while Snapmuse has been working diligently to add a video editing tool to its arsenal soon.

Is it possible to get a single track license?

You may incidentally need royalty free music, that is why purchasing a subscription would not be the best route for you. The good news is Snapmuse and Epidemic Sound offer single track license.

Which one offers track searching service?

Snapmuse is the only one that offers a track searching service.

Which one offers social media ready tracks?

Social media ready tracks are between 10 and 30 seconds long. In other words, you don’t need to cut or edit them before posting your video.

You can find social media ready tracks only on Snapmuse.

Do they have in-house music production?

Snapmuse is the only one that has in-house music production which allows them to offer one-of-a-kind tracks for their subscribers.

What are the subscription options?

All three platforms offer monthly subscription.

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