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If you are a video content creator, you must know the hard work behind the editing process. Video editing is a task that requires diligence, skill and creativity in order to create beautiful sequences that will keep your audience engaged and entertained.

In this creative video editing task, music and audio are the best allies of the content creator! With the help of music and various sound effects, you can convey your message efficiently, evoke a vast range of emotions in the audience and make sure that your online video stands out.

In order to find the right tunes for your video or podcast, you can check our genre lists including epic, background, soul, jazz and more, or our mood lists like happy, relaxing, funny, inspirational and more. Browse through the most preferred genres and unique background music, find free music files for video editing.

Free Music for Video Editing – Here are the best background music and tracks you need

It is no secret that music breathes life into any video. With the right music and a creative editing style, any video project can turn into a masterpiece. That is why there are various websites that offer different music licenses, numerous tracks for commercial use, massive music archives for video production and audio libraries. Being one of the most popular stock music providers, Snapmuse provides thousands of online music tracks, genre playlists, ambient music, cinematic music and a comprehensive audio library for content creators.

Video art, short film, advertisement, infomercial, teaser, documentary, vlog… You can find a song that fits your content and matches with the preferences and taste of your audience. Browse through our library now and find the best free music for video editing.

Most Popular 5 Genres

Do you want to attract a bigger audience and amaze your viewers with popular tracks? If so, you are in the right place. In Snapmuse, you can browse and discover songs by their genre. Below you can find the most popular 10 music genres for video editing. Listen the best free music for video editing and download YouTube friendly, royalty free tracks for your videos.

Snapmuse offers a giant free music library for video editing. You can find top genres like jazz, classical music, instrumental music, rock, EDM, electronic music, world music, pop, indie and more.

Create grounded, chill videos by using jazz music or tap into the power of dance music and make your viewers dance in their seats. If you want to convey a message, you can opt for political background music or you can make sure that your advertisement ignites action in your viewers by incorporating upbeat commercial music in your videos.

Browse our genre lists and discover thousands of top free music tracks for video editing.

Most Popular 5 Moods

Let the magic of music set the tone of your video. In our exclusive mood lists, you can find thousands of songs in different genres including but not limited to reggae, classical, rock, indie, pop, EDM and world music. Browse the mood lists created by Snapmuse to find the perfect free music for video editing. From happy to sad, tens of different moods await you!

Convey any emotion with the high quality royalty free tracks by top artists. You can incorporate workout music to your videos and motivate your audience, or you can employ inspirational music in your videos to encourage hundreds, even thousands!

Set a chilling tone in your video by adding creepy music and let your audience enjoy Halloween spirit all year long! Opt for romantic instrumental music to create passionate, unforgettable videos. When you have thousands of royalty free tracks at the tip of your fingers, sky is the limit to your creations!

Top Background Music for Instagram Videos

Similar to popular video sharing platforms like YouTube, Instagram requires its users to use non copyrighted musicin their videos.

In Snapmuse, you can find music for video editing free! Browse our background music library to find thousands of background music in various genres and various lengths.

Free download background music for video editing and create astonishing Instagram posts, stories and more.

Latest Royalty Free Tracks for Videos

According to the statistics of top videos on video sharing platforms, contents that employ hip tracks have more view counts. Incorporate the latest royalty free tracks in your videos to grow your audience and reach bigger crowds!

If you’d like to attract a younger audience, you must see our latest royalty free music for video editing. You can browse our extensive music library and download free music clips for video editing. Incorporate free music tracks by top artists into your advertisements, YouTube videos, Twitch streams and various other video projects and create energetic, contemporary and impressive content.

Using Royalty Free Music for Any Videos

If you create content for popular platforms like Instagram, YouTube or Twitch, you need to use royalty free tracks. Browse our royalty free song library and download free music for video editing. Let the music flow through your video content!

Where can I get free music for video editing?

You can find thousands of high quality, free music for video editing on Snapmuse. Browse by genre, artist or mood and find the best track for your content.

Where can I find free music for YouTube videos?

YouTube requires content creators to employ royalty free songs in their videos. Check out our extensive audio library of free YouTube background music and create memorable videos for your YouTube channel.

Can I use any music in my YouTube video?

Unfortunately, no. YouTube has a strict policy on music licensing. Commerical or non-commercial, your video must not have copyrighted music. If your video features a track that violates YouTube’s policies, you might need to take it down. That is why you need to buy music for video editing or find copyright free music for video editing.

Snapmuse offers thousands of non copyrighted tracks and free stock music for video editing. Browse our extensive libraries to find the best free music for video editing YouTube and create astonishing videos!

Can you use non-copyrighted music on YouTube?

Yes! You can and should use non-copyrighted music on YouTube. Major video sharing platforms like YouTube has policies that allows only non-copyrighted music to be featured in videos.

If you are looking for non-copyrighted music for your video projects, you must check our free instrumental music for video editing library. There you can find the best instrumental music and hundreds of unique sound effects for your YouTube videos, Twitch streams and Instagram projects.

Can I use Creative Commons Music in my YouTube videos?

Yes! You can use Creative Commons Music in your YouTube videos. If you opt for using CC music, YouTube creates a unique signature for your video and attributes the artist for you.

What songs do YouTubers use in the background?

Most YouTubers use free background music for video editing in order to create captivating and professional looking videos. In Snapmuse, you can find free music download for video editing and use the magical powers of music to make your videos come alive! Browse our extensive archive and find high quality, free background music for your YouTube videos!

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