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The most captivating music for podcasts is now within your reach! Snapmuse’s royalty-free music and SFX catalog features an incredible array of unlimited, high-quality tracks that will enrich your audience’s podcasting experience. Explore top-notch, royalty-free intro, outro, and background music for podcasts today. Dive into our guide to learn all the music licensing essentials for your podcasts and discover how you can choose the perfect music for podcasts!

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Music for Podcasts – Discover the Best Royalty-Free Music for Your Podcasts

Would you like to create unique and captivating podcast episodes that will break listening records, immediately engage your listeners and help you grow your audience? If your answer is yes, keep reading!


Finding the best intro and outro music for podcasts has the utmost importance if you want to create a unique, distinguishable style for your content. When you have the right intro, you catch the attention of your listeners in the very first seconds. As you might have already known, the very first seconds of a podcast are crucial for getting your audience hooked on your content. That is why finding high-quality, free podcast intro music is essential for any competitive podcast creator.

In our extensive library, you can find the best free music for podcasts by top artists and create professional, unique, and high-quality podcast content with the help of royalty-free podcast music.

From creative background tracks to high-definition sound effects, you can find any audio and royalty free music for podcasts from various genres, moods, and artists in our extensive royalty-free music and SFX collection. Browse our extensive music archive, explore our genre lists, and discover new composers without worrying about license and copyright issues.

Music for Podcasts

Top 5 Best Free Intro Music For Podcasts

Intro music is how you set the tone for a podcast. You can tell a lot with your intro music choice alone: who you are, what kind of content you create, which audiences you appeal to, and much more.


In addition, your intro music is your first contact with your listeners. If you want to make a good impression and hook your listeners in the very first seconds of your podcast, you need to find intro music that tells your audience who you are and what you stand for. That is why finding the right intro music is crucial for the future of your channel and your podcasts.

Browse our library now and discover free intro music for podcasts. You can find hundreds of high-quality intro tracks in various genres. From jazz to techno, slow rhythm to upbeat, and happy to chill, every kind of free music for podcast intros awaits you at Snapmuse!

Top 5 Best Background Music for Podcasts

Using high-quality background music in your podcasts helps you create a vivid and engaging atmosphere. Moreover, using background music that complements your content allows you to convey your message to your listeners as well.


Since podcasts predominantly address the ears instead of the eyes, it is rather challenging to create an ambiance in a podcast. That is why incorporating suitable background music is essential for creating a unique ambiance and providing your audience with unforgettable content. 


However, that does not necessarily mean that you can’t support your podcasts with short-form visual content formats like YouTube Shorts, Instagram and Facebook reels, and TikTok videos. Preparing bite-size videos to introduce your podcast channel to wider audiences is always a good idea if you want to grow your listener base. 


If you are not experienced in video editing and worry that learning how to create short videos to promote your podcast channel will cost you time, we have some good news! ByteDance’s video editing app CapCut Edit offers a very user-friendly and accessible interface, so you won’t need to spend hours figuring out your way through hour-long tutorials. 


And if you want to keep your listeners entertained and engaged, you know where to go! Check out our extensive free podcast background music library, where you can find hundreds of high-quality music for podcasts. You can browse by genre, moods, usage areas, and artists. Take a closer look at our comprehensive library of free background music for podcasts and find the perfect background music for your content.

At Snapmuse, you can find opening music for podcasts, radio music podcast intros, and much more to create professional podcasts!

Music for Podcasts

Can You Use Music in a Podcast?

The short answer is yes, you can use music in a podcast. In fact, you must use music in your podcasts to get your listeners’ attention and keep them engaged with your content. You can incorporate catchy intro, outro, and transition music or appropriate background music into your podcasts.


By using the right transition music and theme music, you can create professional and fun podcasts that successfully entertain your audience.

If you are looking for free music for podcast intros and free theme music for podcasts, you should check our comprehensive library here at Snapmuse! You can find new music, ambient music, motivational music, and much more in our library.

Where Can I Find Free Music for Podcasts?

If you want to find music for your podcasts that is completely free of charge, what you are looking for is called non-copyrighted music. Copyright-free music means that there is no artist, label, or other rights holders who own exclusive legal rights to the music, meaning that you wouldn’t need to pay any licensing fees to use a copyright-free track. 


You can find non-copyrighted and free music for podcasts with a quick search on the web. However, you should always do your own research to make sure that a track that is claimed to be copyright-free on the web is actually free from copyright to avoid legal complexities in the future. 

Or, you can subscribe to Snapmuse and enjoy thousands of high-quality music and SFX for your podcasts without worrying about copyright claims. In our massive royalty free music library, you can find the best intro music, most popular outro tracks, and good background music for your podcasts.

Top 5 Places to Find Music for Your Podcast

Finding the perfect music for your podcast helps you establish your brand voice as a podcaster and take your episodes to a whole new level. If you are wondering where to find the best music for your podcast episodes, we have got you covered. 

Here are the top 5 places to discover music to make your podcast episodes shine:

Music for Podcasts

Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive is a goldmine for podcasters in search of free music. The copyright-free music collection on Free Music Archive is licensed by Creative Commons, and it houses a wide variety of genres and allows you to filter tracks based on their usage rights.

As a podcaster, you will be swimming in safe waters if the track of your choice is labeled with a CC0 license (meaning it is in the public domain), but make sure to avoid the licenses that include the ND (NoDerivatives) abbreviation as those tracks can’t be trimmed and are not licensed for podcasts. 


Also, if a track you choose for your podcast is not in the public domain, you should be giving credits to the artist and include the track’s Free Music Archive link. Confused about all these Creative Commons licencing types? No need to panic, we will guide you through all the details further in this article. So, read on! 

Additionally, Free Music Archieve has a paid royalty-free music-only platform called Tribe of Noise Pro. The subscription plans come in three options, but you might find it a bit pricier compared to other royalty-free music platforms.


Mixkit is a platform that offers free assets, including videos, art, music, sound effects, video templates, and more. The platform offers 1000+ tracks and 3000+ sound effects you can use free of charge for your podcasts and social media content. You can filter music and sound effects by genres, moods, and tags to find the audio you think will work well with your podcast.

YouTube’s Audio Library

Accessible through YouTube Studio, YouTube’s Audio Library is a great resource for creators looking for music to use in their content, including podcasts. YouTube’s library features licensed music and sound effects that are safe to use for the podcasts shared on the platform, as well as tracks that hold a Creative Commons license.

Keep in mind that even if you include a Creative Commons track in your podcast directly from YouTube’s Audio Library, you still need to give credits in your podcast description. Luckily, YouTube guides you through the process. To access the attribution text for a track, just click on the Creative Commons icon under “License type” and copy the text that appears on your screen.

Spotify for Podcasters

If you have already published your podcast series on Spotify, you must be familiar with Spotify’s podcast management and streaming platform, Spotify for Podcasters. But what if you are starting your podcast journey anew and don’t know what Spotify for Podcasters is or whether you can get access to music on the platform? Worry not because we’ve got you covered. 

Spotify for Podcasters features a built-in library of royalty-free music and sound effects you can use and add to your podcasts while you are editing your audio files in the Episode Builder. 


You can also create Music + Talk podcasts on the Spotify for Podcasters platform, which allows you to add licensed songs from Spotify’s library to your podcast episodes - and yes, this means that you can now add your favorite songs to your Spotify podcasts. 

However, there is a catch. Music + Talk is not available in all regions and there are certain guidelines you need to follow for incorporating licensed music to your podcast. For example, you have to add the song in full-length as trimming is not allowed, meaning that you can’t use a clipped portion of a licensed track as your intro, transition, or outro music. Furthermore, it all becomes a bit complicated when it comes to ads and monetization.


If you are looking for a reliable music provider to soundtrack your content with music and sound effects that are safe for your podcasts, social media content, branded content, and advertising or personal projects, Snapmuse is your address! 


At Snapmuse, we hold all the rights to our music and sound effects, and once you become a subscriber, you unlock unlimited access to our high-quality, royalty-free music and SFX, as well as the licenses you need to use our audio catalog in your podcasts, ads, videos, and more. 


You can easily browse our royalty-free catalog by genres, moods, usage areas, duration, BPM, and vocals to find the audio backdrop that will perfectly resonate with your brand’s image and voice for your podcasts. 

Start your 30-day free trial today to focus on producing outstanding podcasts without the fear of copyright claims and monetize your content without restrictions.

What is the Difference Between Creative Commons, Royalty-Free, and Public Domain Music for My Podcast?

Understanding the differences between Creative Commons, royalty-free, and public domain music is crucial when you are selecting music, not only for your podcast but any other creative project. 

Here's a breakdown of what each of these licensing terms means:

Creative Commons

Creative Commons (CC) licenses allow artists to share their work while specifying the permissions they grant to others, such as underlining whether a song can be used for commercial purposes, in videos and podcasts, whether it can be remixed, and so on. 


Creative Commons licenses have six different variations, and every one of them comes with its own conditions. Creative Commons licensing types include the following:

  1. Attribution (CC BY)
  2. Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA)
  3. Attribution-NonCommercial (CC BY-NC)
  4. Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA)
  5. Attribution-NoDerivatives (CC BY-ND)
  6. Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives (CC BY-NC-ND)


Even though the abbreviations and their meanings may seem a little complicated at first sight, you must have noticed a pattern here. For example, BY stands for attribution, meaning that you would have to give the artist credit when using a Creative Commons track under its license type’s specific guidelines, and NC highlights that the track can be used for non-commercial purposes.

As a podcaster, the abbreviation you need to steer away from is ND. This indicates that the Creative Commons track is not licensed for derivate work which includes podcasts and videos. 

Additionally, you might see some songs being labeled as “CC0”. This shows that the owner of the track waived all rights to include the track in the public domain, and you can use the track in your podcast for commercial and non-commercial purposes without giving any credit to the artist. 

Public Domain

Public domain music refers to works that are not protected by copyright or whose copyright has expired. This means that if you are looking for open-source music for podcasts, you can use public domain music freely without obtaining permission or paying royalties. 


Unfortunately, you should keep in mind that the songs you find in the public domain may often fall short of resonating with your creative vision and podcasting style as they are rather outdated.

Music for Podcasts

Royalty-Free Music

When an original track is used in a commercial, personal, or creative work on any platform, the amount of money the artist gets paid is referred to as royalties. 

As a podcaster, purchasing a royalty-free track or subscribing to a royalty-free music and SFX library like ours means that you won’t have to pay extra royalties every time you use a song in your podcasts, social media content, or other projects. 

All the music and SFX in Snapmuse’s catalog are royalty-free and safe to use for your podcasts, ads, and social media content on the biggest social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, and TikTok. All you need to do is to connect your social media channels to your Snapmuse account and start creating your podcasts and content without worrying about extra royalties or copyright claims. 


With fresh tracks and SFX added to our catalog every month, our royalty-free music and SFX collection features high-quality audio from various genres, moods, and usage areas for you to find the perfect track that will resonate with your musical needs. Start your 30-day free trial today to leave copyright strikes behind and create with peace of mind.

How Do I Download Music for My Podcast?

If you are a content creator, you must know the importance of finding the right music for your content. Adding a track that complements the theme and style of your content helps you convey your message more efficiently. Moreover, with the use of right music, you can easily evoke emotions in your listeners.


On Snapmuse, you can find the best, high quality, open source music for podcasts and download the track you most like with only one click.

4 Types of Podcast Music You Need for Podcasting

You can use different types of music in your podcasts. Below you can find out what these different types are and discover the most popular, high quality examples of different music for podcasts.

Background Music

Background music makes your podcasts more dynamic and engaging. Below you can find some best examples of free background music for podcasts.

Podcast Intro Music

As we mentioned, the intro music is what sets the atmosphere for your podcasts. It sets the stage for an engaging and memorable listening experience, and the right choice of podcast intro music can instantly captivate your audience, creating a distinctive identity for your show. That is why finding the intro music that works best for you is very crucial. 


In our dynamic royalty-free music and SFX catalog, you can find the most exclusive intro music for your podcasts. Whether you're aiming for an energetic and upbeat introduction or a calm and soothing ambiance, podcast intro music helps establish the tone and personality of your podcast. 


With a vast array of genres and styles to choose from, you can find the perfect match that resonates with your content and leaves a lasting impression. From catchy melodies that grab attention to subtle tunes that create a sense of anticipation, podcast intro music adds a professional touch and enhances the overall quality of your podcast.

Transition Music

Transition music is often used in radio shows and podcasts. Below you can find the best high quality transition music that will give a professional feel to your projects.

Podcast Outro Music

Outro music is the one that says goodbye to your listeners until your next episode. That is why picking good outro music for your podcast is important, it is the final note you leave on your listener’s palate.

Below you can find royalty free, exclusive outro music for your podcasts.

Why Podcasting?

Podcasting has emerged as a powerful medium for individuals and businesses alike, offering a unique platform to share stories, ideas, and expertise with a global audience. Whether you're a content creator, a business looking to reach a specific audience, or an individual passionate about a particular subject, podcasting offers a powerful platform to inform, entertain, and inspire others. 


One of the key reasons why podcasting has gained tremendous popularity is its accessibility. With minimal equipment and technical knowledge, anyone can start their own podcast and connect with listeners from around the world. 

Unlike traditional media, podcasts provide a convenient and on-demand listening experience, allowing audiences to consume content at their own pace and convenience. Moreover, podcasts offer a deeper level of engagement and intimacy as listeners develop a personal connection with the host's voice and storytelling. Podcasts also provide an opportunity for niche topics and voices to thrive, allowing for diverse perspectives and discussions.

Music for Podcasts in 2023

With YouTube integrating the podcasts feature into YouTube Music, the podcasting landscape is sure to be more vibrant and exciting than ever in 2023. This means that while seasoned podcasters might try to experiment with different styles to adapt to video podcasting, the importance of audio branding will increase so that the contextual, visual, and auditory elements in a podcast complement one another to make a lasting impression.

Where Can I Get Free Music for My Podcast in 2023?

As audio branding becomes more essential for the podcasting experience, perhaps, the question you should be asking is not where you can get free music for your podcast but whether you should get free music for your podcast at all. 


Outlining how you want your podcast brand to be known by audiences and choosing the auditory elements accordingly is the key to increasing your discoverability and visibility as a podcaster. Looking for music that will align with your podcast show in a free music database might be a hard catch. If you are opting to level up your audio branding game, you will need something unique and high-quality.


Hearing about audio branding for the first time? No need to panic. We will guide you through the tips and tricks of choosing the right tracks for your podcast down below!

Music for Podcasts

Music Curation Tips: How to Select the Right Tracks for Your Podcast Episodes

When you are choosing the right track and SFX for your podcast, you need to consider which type of audio would represent your podcast show the best. Your podcast’s intro music plays the most part in this process. 


Here are some tips that will help you when choosing the right music for your podcast:

Choose a recognizable sound for your intro

As intro music is the first sound that welcomes your audience to your podcast, it is the sound that your audience will associate with your podcast, and that will give them an idea of how the overall tone of your podcast will be in the following minutes. That is why it is best to make sure that the mood and the tempo of your intro music align with your podcast’s brand voice.

Know your brand

If your podcast could be a song, how would it sound? Take a moment to consider what is the theme of your podcast and the unique storytelling style you adopt when you are communicating with your audience.

Engage Your Audience with Music in Podcasting

In the digital age we live in, the key to succeeding in content creation is making peace with the fact that the attention span of audiences tends to fluctuate or decrease at certain times - even when they genuinely enjoy what you talk about in your podcast and how you talk about it. 


Is this going to bring you to a downfall in your podcasting journey? Of course not. Can you avoid it? Definitely so - and the music and SFX of your choice are here to help you along the way. 


Discovering the perfect music for your podcast includes delving into the heart of your audience, understanding their preferences, and connecting with their interests. For example, what are the age group, demographics, and listening habits of your audience?


Surely, it’s impossible for everyone in your target audience to have the same taste in music, but you can outline a common ground for the preferences of an audience who would be interested in listening to the topic you cover in your podcast in your storytelling style. 


By adding the type of music and SFX in the background or in between the sections in your podcast episode, you can add depth to your storytelling, create suspense, highlight an idea, or set the mood for what you will talk about next in your episode. 


Bonus tip: Created the first few episodes of your podcast series but didn’t hit that publish button yet? Then, you might want to check out how your outro music fades into your intro music which will open up the next episode in your playlist. If you can keep your audience engaged between individual episodes with smooth transitions, you can grab their attention to play another episode in the series. 

Go for instrumental tracks

As podcasts involve mostly spoken content, choosing music with no vocals or minimal vocals can help you maintain your audience’s attention by incentivizing them to focus on your voice. If what you are saying overlaps with the vocals in the music of your choice, it will be more challenging to achieve clarity in your podcasts. 

Experiment with different styles

When envisioning what type of people you are aiming to reach and what kind of music they would like, starting with the genre of music they would enjoy hearing in a podcast within your niche is extremely helpful. 


Does your audience want to be chilled down with some nostalgic Lo-Fi beats? Or perhaps they prefer the energizing rhythms of upbeat pop or the smooth melodies of jazz to keep them engaged? And for those seeking a touch of sophistication, classical music can add an elegant and timeless vibe to your podcast. At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide what music genre works best for your podcast show and your target audience. 


The good news is that if you want to explore different genres of music for your podcast, our music and SFX catalog can be filtered by various genres, as well as moods, durations, BPM, and vocal types, with just a few clicks. Browse our royalty-free library today to easily navigate your podcast music and SFX discovery process by selecting your audio needs to find the perfect intro, transition, background, and outro music and sound effects that will align with your brand’s tone and image.

Music for Podcasts

Frequently Asked Questions

Not very long! Depending on your stylistic choices, the length of an outro music might vary between 5 seconds to a whole minute.

You need to find an intro music that suits well with your content and style. If you are looking for royalty free music for podcasts, you should check Snapmuse’s extensive archive!

It is easy! Check Snapmuse’s impressive library of music for podcasts where you can find hundreds of high quality tracks in different genres.

Unfortunately, you cannot. Due to copyright laws and regulations, you need to pay close attention to which music you use for your podcast otherwise you may face serious legal ramifications and significant fees.
You can freely use royalty free songs and non copyrighted music for your podcast.

You may find some web pages online that say you can use 5, 15 or 30 seconds of a copyrighted song on your project without having to pay for it. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. Any use of copyrighted songs without paying for them or getting the necessary permissions is considered as copyright infringement.
If you are looking for songs that you can legally use on your podcast, see our royalty free podcast music library now!

No, you need Sync Licenses (Synchronization Licenses) for podcasts. This type of license pertains to commercials, TV shows, films and other visual media since the visuals on the screen and sound are “synched.” For the podcasts, the entire audio program is synched with the music so this kind of licenses govern podcasts as well.

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