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If you are a content creator, you must know the importance of music: It gives your content a soul while making it much more attractive. Yet you must pay attention to the music you use since most video sharing platforms only allow the use of royalty free music. That is why there are many royalty free music libraries like Snapmuse, AudioJungle or Premium Beat. If you are confused or cannot decide which one of the best royalty free music sites answers your needs better, keep reading! We compare three of the top royalty free music providers to help you decide which one you should choose to get your royalty free music downloads from.

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Snapmuse Published: Dec 14, 2021 Updated: Jul 17, 2023 6 min read

Size of Music Library

Snapmuse, AudioJungle, and Premium Beat offer non copyright music and songs for every occasion to their subscribers through their user-friendly and well-designed websites. AudioJungle has the largest library with 746,800 tracks, while Premium Beat offers 21,480 songs.

Here at Snapmuse, you can find 16,000 high quality royalty free music tracks in our astonishing and easy-to-browse library. Our website is designed for you to explore the perfect musical addition for your content such as engaging background music for videos, the most popular music genres, and mood booster songs.


The reason why many content creators choose non-copyrighted music platforms is that they offer monetization opportunities, which can be found on all three platforms. 

Our extensive royalty-free music library at Snapmuse makes sure that you won’t need to worry about clearing and monetizing your videos once you connect your YouTube account to your Snapmuse account.


In addition to royalty free music, all three platforms offer many copyright-free sound effects to their subscribers. If music is the soul of a video, sound effects are its beating heart. With the help of realistic sound effects, you can enhance the storytelling in your videos and maximize your engagement.

While there are over 880,000 sound effects featured on AudioJungle and 16,000 on Premium Beat, their standard royalty-free music licenses do not cover sound effects. This means that you will need to purchase a separate single or multi-use sound effect license if you are opting for that natural and realistic catch in your videos.

At Snapmuse, you do not need to worry about creating another subscription to complement your content with the alluring experience of sound effects as both our Standard and Commercial Plans offer unlimited access to royalty-free songs and sound effects. What is more, if you’d like to learn more about what is sfx and how to use it effectively, our informative guide is here to help you along the way.


Looking for something exciting like remixes? Snapmuse got you covered! You can find a wide range of remix tracks only on Snapmuse to highlight your personal or commercial brand’s unique style in your content. From YouTube non copyright music to YouTube background music and royalty-free background music suitable for all contents, you will find everything you need on Snapmuse.


Stem is a term used to refer to a group of sound sources. These files come in handy when you are experimenting with sounds and mixing them for a bigger-scale project. That is why most content creators and video editors need stem files to create different moods of music or do video editing.

Stems are available on Premium Beat and Snapmuse shares them upon request.

Search Options

In order to make finding the right track easier for their subscribers, Snapmuse and Premium Beat offers advanced search options like find similar and video theme search” features. Moreover, here at Snapmuse, we also offer a track searching service as well. This way you can find the right music for your content without spending long and arduous hours.

In addition, you can browse royalty free music by moods, discover royalty free music by genres, explore music trends, and see different versions of your favorite tracks on Snapmuse.

Video Editing Tool

Royalty-free music is widely used by content creators, streamers, and influencers since social media platforms and streaming platforms have strict copyright infringement policies. 

That is why AudioJungle has an impressive video editing tool available and Snapmuse is going to introduce its own video editing tool very soon. Meanwhile, you can browse our extensive copyright-free library to discover the best music for video editing and create the perfect playlist for your videos!

Single Track License

Both Snapmuse and Premium Beat offer single track licenses. This allows you to purchase only one track instead of an entire subscription on these platforms.

Social Media Ready Track

It is no secret that most influencers and content creators use royalty-free tracks. That is why all three of these platforms offer social media ready tracks whose durations range between 10 seconds and 30 seconds. You can find songs to get you in the mood, copyright free background music, and the best royalty-free music in the social media ready tracks library at Snapmuse.

In-House Music Production

Here at Snapmuse, we have in-house music production services to ensure that we offer a wealth of high-quality, unique tracks to fit our subscribers’ needs and bring life to their videos. 

Each month, we release new and fresh music pieces to help you keep your audience engaged and uplifted! From background beats and vlog music to captivating music for podcast and documentaries, our innovative royalty-free music library has everything you need.


While Snapmuse and Premium Beat offer monthly subscriptions, AudioJungle opts for a single-track license separately for copyright-free music and sound effects, along with a multi-sfx option.

At Snapmuse, both of our subscription plans grant you unlimited access to our vast library of engaging royalty-free music and dynamic sound effects. As we believe in delivering a personalized and memorable music experience for every subscriber, you can make a request for a uniquely crafted plan to suit your needs.

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