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Jun 21, 2021

Jul 17, 2023


Royalty Free Lo-Fi Music for Videos Download +15 Lo-Fi Hip Hop Beats

How Did Lo-Fi Music Get Popular?

From Lo-Fi songs with vocals to royalty-free Lo-Fi jazz, there are many options encompassing a wide range of musical genres with an essential combination of dream pop, hip hop, and jazz. That is why everybody can easily find a Lo-Fi track for their taste! This versatility of Lo-Fi music has contributed to its rising popularity as well. 

Often used in anime and story-oriented video games, Lo-Fi background sound made a massive comeback in recent years. Often creating a sense of familiarity and nostalgia, Lo-Fi songs are famous for offering an easy listening experience and calming the audience.

Although low-fidelity music production emerged in the 1950s, the term Lo-Fi, short for low-fidelity, was coined in the late 1970s. As opposed to high-fidelity music professionally produced in music studios, low-fidelity sound was most appreciated by music enthusiasts who believed imperfections and audible noise created authenticity in sound production. 

With the rise of alternative music and hip hop artists sampling their songs from the earlier soul and jazz music in the 1990s, Lo-Fi music started to gain some popularity. The genre became more prominent when Japanese music producer Nujabes soundtracked the anime Samurai Champloo in 2004. Standing out as a perfect music choice that blends into the background of videos, the Lo-Fi genre grew to be mainstream as YouTubers like ChilledCow (now known as Lofi Girl) started live-streaming music from LoFi artists.

If you want to reach larger audiences and embrace your viewers with a warm Lo-Fi hug, incorporate royalty free Lo-Fi tracks into your content. Browse our rich library now to discover and download top exclusive Lo-Fi tracks!

Download Royalty Free Lo-Fi Samples

Lo-Fi music has made an impressive comeback in recent years. If you want to ride the wave and attract more viewers to your videos or streams, try downloading and adding royalty-free Lo-Fi music to your content. 

With a wide range of options available, you can easily find a style of Lo-Fi that complements your videos and resonates with your followers. Whether you’re looking for ways to expand your commercial music repertoire to enhance your brand’s YouTube videos or want to create an authentic atmosphere to make your content speak to your audience, there are plenty of royalty-free Lo-Fi tracks at Snapmuse to choose from.

Best Lo-Fi Hip Hop Songs

With its unique blend of hip-hop and jazz elements, Lo-Fi hip-hop emerges as a contemporary sound with a nostalgic and captivating twist. In this sense, whether you want to add some pizzazz to your study sessions or make your streams more attractive, royalty free Lo-Fi hip hop will do wonders for you!

By checking out our extensive royalty-free music library at Snapmuse, you can explore a wide range of Lo-Fi music and find out which of our non copyright songs resonate with you the best!

Top Lo-Fi Background Songs

Low Fidelity (also known as lofi or Lo-Fi) music is known for being chill and soothing. Thus, it can be the perfect ambient music spiked with engaging drum loops and interesting groove elements.

Lo-Fi Chill Beats

If you are struggling with high stress or cannot concentrate, Lo-Fi music may be just what you need. Music experts define lo-fi as a “cocooning” genre, meaning it wraps you like a soft, predictable, warm blanket. This feeling of familiarity leads you to feel more relaxed, focus easily and get things done! Furthermore, you can make your own compositions with free Lo-Fi beats and use free Lo-Fi beat samples in your unique songs. 

We don’t think you would be surprised if we told you that Lo-Fi music stands out as a perfect choice for personal and commercial brand projects as well! Browse our non-copyrighted music library today to discover the best Lo-Fi music and royalty free adobe music for your brand’s videos to spark up your audience’s interest to the top!

What Exactly Lo-Fi Hip Hop Music is?

Lo-Fi (Low Fidelity) is a musical feature characterized by imperfections in the production. Lo-Fi’s creation dates back to the 1990s when the “cheap and quick” rock and roll production was hot and rising. As alternative music became more prominent in the 1990s, Lo-Fi took its final form.

Lo-Fi hip hop, on the other hand, combines hip hop and jazz elements to create a contemporary, familiar, and captivating genre. Most Lo-Fi hip hop songs incorporate beats and rhythms from old songs - that is why many people find royalty-free Lo-Fi hip hop especially warm and inviting.

What BPM is Lo-Fi Music?

When laying out the defining characteristics of the Lo-Fi music genre, one thing we can’t overlook is its low tempo. With a BPM range of 60 to 86, Lo-Fi music has a soothing and relaxing effect. This is why it is the perfect choice for YouTube background music if you are opting to create a calming and ambient environment to lure your audience in and make them want to watch your videos over and over again! 

Here at Snapmuse, you can find a variety of copyright-free Lo-Fi beats to increase your engagement and attract Lo-Fi lovers to your channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

It can be! Some lo-fi tracks are copyrighted but there are many royalty free lo-fi songs that you can find on online music libraries like Snapmuse.

Some lo-fi songs are copyrighted but there are thousands of copyright free alternatives. See our archive for non copyrighted, exclusive alternatives.

Hi-Fi (high fidelity) music has a better production quality. On the other hand, Lo-Fi has a more raw sound and is characterised by mostly intentional distortions.

You can find thousands of high quality royalty free lo-fi songs on Snapmuse’s massive archive. You can browse by genre, mood and artist!

In the late 2010s, Lo-Fi hip hop was born. It derives its inspiration from chillout, house music and jazz.

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