Can You Use Royalty Free Adobe Stock Music on YouTube?

Music is the soul of any video! If you want to grow your YouTube channel and kickstart your career as a content creator, learn what music you can use in your videos. Take a closer look at our detailed guide below to discover the benefits of Adobe Stock music and how it can transform your content.

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Snapmuse Published: Jan 05, 2023 Updated: Jul 17, 2023 9 min read

Royalty Free Adobe Stock Music on YouTube

What makes a good video? The answer to this question is simpler than you might think: A good topic, interesting footage, skilful editing and an appropriate music track! If you have all four of these elements, you can create viral-worthy videos that will attract a lot of traffic and new followers to your channel. 

With the growing competition on YouTube, being able to attract new followers or keep your existing followers is not an easy feat. That is why almost all successful YouTubers use the power of non copyright music to make their videos look more appealing, seem more professional and feel more interesting. Moreover, using music allows content creators to evoke strong emotions in their audience, hence they are able to form strong sentimental bonds with their viewers. 

If you want to be able to set yourself apart from your competition, grow your YouTube channel, get more views and earn a better income through your YouTube channel, you need to use music! Yet you must be very careful since almost all social media platforms including YouTube has strict policies regarding the use of copyrighted material: It is absolutely forbidden to use copyrighted songs, music clips, sound effects, intro or outro music on YouTube. The platform has a very advanced algorithm that scans all videos uploaded to the platform to detect the use of copyrighted material. If you use a song that is not royalty free or copyright free, the algorithm notices it and gives you a strict notice. After that notice, the platform can mute your video or disable any monetization opportunities for you. In some instances, your video can be removed. In addition, you might also face some legal consequences as well: The copyright holder has the right to sue you because of your illegal use of the copyrighted material.

If you use copyrighted songs in your videos more than once, YouTube can remove your channel temporarily or permanently. In that case, you can lose your hard earned interaction, views, and followers. That is why professional YouTubers only prefer royalty free music genres in their videos.

As a content creator, you can get non copyrighted, royalty free music tracks and sound effects (if you want to know more about sound effects and how they can transform your videos, see our guide titled What sound effects mean?) on Snapmuse. We offer a rich selection of high quality royalty free songs and SFX in our extensive libraries.

In addition, you can view stock music archives like Adobe Stock music. If you want to learn more about how you can use Adobe Stock music to create impressive videos, take a closer look at our detailed guide below.

What is Adobe Stock Music?

There are a lot of reasons to incorporate high quality music to your YouTube videos. First and foremost, music improves the viewing experience. It is often used to evoke strong emotions and add an ambience to films. Moreover, it sets the tone and mood of a video. In addition, it may also help you keep your viewers interested and entertained. Second, music makes your videos more “shareable.” With the help of music, you can create more memorable and catchy videos that has a higher potential of going viral. 

Third, music helps your videos stand out in the crowd: With the right music, your videos can be easily distinguishable from plenty of other videos on YouTube. 

Last but not least, music can help you monetize your videos! If you are or want to be a YouTube partner, views are everything to you. With the right music that complements and enhances your video, you can get significantly more views, hence make more money through your YouTube channel.

Overall, adding music to your YouTube videos can make them much more interesting, alluring, shareable, and memorable while helping you monetize your content better. That is why music is a must for a successful YouTube career, yet you must bear one thing in mind: The music you use must be suitable for your material and you must have the necessary rights and/or licenses to use it.

If you use unlicensed music or incorporate copyrighted music to your video illegally, you can face a variety of penalties including the removal of your video, getting copyright strikes, or losing the ability to monetize your video through YouTube Partner Program. 

If you get more than one copyright strike, it is very possible for you to get your YouTube channel deleted. Thus, you can lose your ability to publish videos on YouTube and monetize your content. To avoid these consequences, make sure to always use non copyrighted music in your videos. 

For this exact reason, Adobe offers Adobe Stock Music: A comprehensive service that gives you access to a rich library of royalty free songs that you can freely use in your YouTube videos and live streams. 
After buying the track you want to use from Adobe Stock Music library, you can use it in your personal and commercial projects including but not limited to films, advertisements, vlogs, live streams and tutorials.

You can find a wide range of royalty free music tracks on Adobe Stock Music in different genres, moods, and styles. Moreover, you can search songs by keyword, genre, artist, mood, style and many other criteria. When you find the song you are looking for, you can purchase it to freely use it in your YouTube videos without worrying about copyright strikes and violations. 

Adobe Stock Music offers two methods of purchase: You can buy tracks you like individually and pay per track, or you can purchase a subscription that allows you to access and download numerous songs each month from the comprehensive library.

Does Adobe Stock Include Music?

Yes, Adobe Stock offers a royalty-free music track library to its users. In this library, you can find thousands of royalty free songs that may be purchased and used in a range of media projects including podcasts, YouTube videos, Twitch streams, TikToks, Instagram posts and stories, advertisements, films, and TV series. 

Provided by Adobe, Adobe Stock is a service that lets its users to access a library of stock images, photographs, illustrations, drawings, 3D assets, logos, templates, sprite sheets, portraits, landscape images, and other digital assets for use in design and creative projects. Adobe Stock also has a library of royalty-free audio tracks that can be purchased and used in addition to these assets.

There are two payment options in Adobe Stock: You can either pay per your purchase, or you can buy a subscription that allows you to download numerous digital assets without paying for each and every single one.

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of Adobe Stock, take a closer look at our extensive royalty free music library where you can browse by genre, mood, artist and more to find exactly what you are looking for. 

Discover our playlist below to find the best song for your YouTube video now.

Is There Stock Music in Adobe Premiere?

Developed by Adobe, Adobe Premiere is one of the most popular video editing software available. It allows its users to edit, cut, merge and revise videos to create impressive films, advertisements, clips, teasers and a lot more. It has a rich selection of features that can answer both amateur and professional video editors.

One of the best perks of Adobe Premiere is that it includes a comprehensive stock music library. You can browse this library to find the best fitting royalty free songs for your videos. You can search by mood, genre, artist and more to easily find what you need.

You can use royalty free songs in many projects, both commercial and personal. Since almost all major social media and video sharing platforms have strict rules regarding the use of copyrighted material, royalty free songs are in fact the only music you can use on many platforms.

If you want to learn how to add music to Adobe, don’t forget to view our detailed guide.

How do I find Adobe Stock music?

You can visit Adobe stock webpage to find stock music or you can access stock music library of Adobe through Adobe Premiere.
If you want to directly access Adobe Stock Music library through Premiere, choose the Audio workspace. Then find the Essential Sound panel and click Browse. You will be able to view stock sound library of Adobe. You can search stock music by genre, mood and keyword to find what you are looking for. If you want to find a specific track, you can also write the title in the search bar.

If you are looking for high quality royalty free music for your YouTube video, see our playlist below where you can discover top tracks in a wide range of different genres.
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