How to share a YouTube video on Instagram?

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How to share a YouTube video on Instagram?

Instagram is a great platform to attract new followers and grow your cross-platform audience. That is why most YouTubers share their YouTube videos on Instagram as well.


It is possible to share your YouTube videos on Instagram as posts or stories. You should choose the best option for your audience and content. For instance, you can share snippets from your recent YouTube videos as Instagram posts. This way, you can grab the attention of your Instagram followers and direct them to your YouTube channel. Moreover, you can share teasers and trailers of your upcoming YouTube videos as Instagram stories to generate hype and curiosity.


As a content creator, you can always tap into your imagination to come up with new ways to adapt your YouTube videos to Instagram. Unfortunately, there is not a direct way to share your YouTube videos on Instagram. That is why you need to possess some technical know-how for this purpose. Luckily, we have prepared a detailed guide for you!

How to post a YouTube video on Instagram?

There is no direct connection nor link between Instagram and YouTube -in other words you cannot share IG content on YT only with a click and vice versa. But worry not, sharing YouTube content on Instagram is possible when you have few tricks up your sleeve!


If you want to share YouTube video to Instagram, follow the steps below:

  1. Download the video from YouTube. There are many tools and websites for this purpose. If you are on mobile, you can try apps like Video Get. If you are on desktop, you can use websites like Save From.
  2. Cut or edit the video if necessary. As you know, Instagram allows uploading 60-second videos as posts and 15-second videos as stories. Most YouTube videos are much longer than that so you might need to cut your video before posting it on Instagram.
  3. Open the Instagram app or webpage. Select the YouTube video from your gallery or home directory and press Share button. Voila, you have successfully shared your YouTube video on Instagram!

Best export settings for Instagram

In order to attract new followers and keep your existing followers interested, you must make sure that you share high quality videos –both content-wise and definition-wise!

Best video settings for Instagram

For posts, Instagram’s standard 1:1 aspect ratio is 1080x1080 px.

If you are going to share a horizontal video, you should stick with 16:9 aspect ratio and 1920x1080 px. If you are going to share a portrait video, 4:5 aspect ratio and 1080x1350 px is the best.


Instagram stories, on the other hand, require a much different aspect ratio: 16:9 and 1080x1920 px.

Best format settings for Instagram

In order to get the best out of your video, you should make sure that Instagram’s compression algorithm doesn’t apply to it. That is why you should proceed with the following format:

  • MP4 H264 Codec
  • AAC audio
  • 30fps framerate

Royalty free music for Instagram

If you want to keep your Instagram audience growing, you must pay great attention to the platform’s rules and regulations. For instance, you shouldn’t post copyrighted material otherwise your account might get banned. That is why Instagram users with highest follower counts only use non copyright music for Instagram.


If you are looking for high quality royalty free music for Instagram, see our extensive library now!

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