Top 10 Upbeat Instrumental Music for Kids

Kids songs are characterized by their up tempo and cheerful mood. If you are looking for royalty free songs for kids, see our list below where you can find the 10 most popular instrumental tracks for kids.

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Oct 31, 2022

Jan 08, 2024


Top 10 Upbeat Instrumental Music for Kids

Upbeat Instrumental Music for Kids

The concept of art for children have been around for a very long time: Kids books, stories, nursery rhymes, kid friendly songs and a lot more have been being consumed by the little ones. The most important feature of art that is created for kids’ consumption is the content: Most children’s songs and stories aim to educate and entertain them. That is why the subject matter is often inspired by daily life and there is a clear, easy to understand message in each piece. 

Oldest forms of child friendly art are lullabies and nursery rhymes. Dating back to hundreds of years, lullabies and nursery rhymes strengthen the bond between the child and the mother. Moreover, they soothe children, serve as a form of entertainment and equip the children with important pieces of information about the world, culture and society they live in. 

Historians believe that lullabies predate nursery rhymes: The oldest lullaby to survive to our day is from Roman era. It was sung by Roman nurses and recorded by Persius in an ancient manuscript. Only remaining part of the lullaby goes like this: 
“Lalla, lalla, lalla,
Aut dormi, aut lacte”
(Lullaby, lullaby, lullaby / Either sleep or suckle)

The oldest known nursery rhyme, on the other hand, was recorded in the 13th century. It was a French poem that aimed to teach the days of the month to children. It was especially in 17th and 18th centuries where nursery rhymes gained immense popularity. Pioneering nursery rhyme books and collections like Tommy Thumb’s Song Book were published during this era. 

With the advancements in technology, children’s songs gained much more popularity and became more widespread. Today there many composers and songwriters that exclusively cater to children. 

Music historians and academics studying children’s songs offer two main categories for children’s songs: Songs taught to children by adults and songs that children teach one another. Former often aims to teach kids important things about life, such as why lying is bad or why one must keep their promises. The latter, songs that children teach other children, has their focus on entertainment: Children sing such songs as part of their games and plays. 

Popular kid friendly content creators often use children’s songs to make their content more appealing and entertaining. There are many children’s YouTube channels and TV channels that offer valuable content that is age appropriate for children. Videos and programs that appear in such platforms often aim to support children’s education by teaching them skills like how to count and how to spell, along with life lessons that provides children with important life lessons. 
In addition, various thematic videos can be found in such platforms: Christmas videos, Halloween videos, videos that teach children about history and so forth. In order to make these videos more engaging, content creators often use songs such as non copyright Christmas music

If you want to start a children’s YouTube channel or create kid friendly content, you must incorporate upbeat and cheerful music to your videos in order to keep your target audience entertained. If you want to share your videos on major social media platforms, you must pay great attention to the songs you use in your content. Almost all social media platforms have strict rules about the use of copyrighted materials. 

YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and other platforms employ very advanced algorithms that scan each video uploaded by the users. Once these algorithms detect illegal use of copyrighted music, the user is notified. Often the video that violates copyright rules is removed or muted. In addition, the owner of the video can lose their certain privileges such as monetization. If the offense is repeated, they can get banned from the platform temporarily or permanently. That is why it is important to learn what royalty free music means and prefer non copyrighted songs for your videos. 

You can find a wide range of non copyrighted kids songs on Snapmuse. We offer thousands of high quality non copyright music tracks that you can use in your YouTube videos, Instagram reels, TikTok videos, Twitch streams, personal projects, advertisements, professional projects and more.

Top 10 upbeat instrumental music for kids

You can use instrumental music for kids in a lot of different videos and projects such as podcasts, advertisements, kid friendly events and more. 

If you are looking for high quality instrumental music for kids, you are in the right place! We shortlisted top 10 upbeat instrumental songs for kids below. Take a closer look at our list to discover the most popular kids songs.

1. Merry Christmas by Maggie
Christmas is the favorite holiday of most kids because of many reasons: Magical snow covering everywhere, delicious food, exciting gifts and of course, a much needed break from school!

If you want to create engaging Christmas videos for children or want to make sure that your Christmas party will entertain all your guests including the youngest ones, take a closer look at this cheerful instrumental Christmas song. 

2. Clouds and Birds by Tina
This serene instrumental song will take you to magical realms! Somber and relaxing, Clouds and Birds is a piano-heavy song that can go very well with various kid friendly videos and content. 

You can use this song as a background music to your podcast or YouTube video to make sure that your content stands out and entertains your target audience.

3. Waterfall by Gary Neeson
Characterized by its cheerful and lively mood, Waterfall is a very happy kids song. If you want to create a fun video to entertain your followers or make your educative video more appealing, you can use Waterfall as your background music.

4. Somedays by Tina
Somedays is an instrumental, royalty free song that is appropriate for children. Characterized by its playful and a bit mysterious mood, this song is sure to enhance any content targeted at children. 

You can hear gentle notes of string instruments and piano in Somedays. Since it is a non copyrighted song, you can use it in your personal and professional projects freely. 

5. Space and Stars by Gary Wood
This impressive song employs string instruments and piano to take its listeners on a very exciting journey. Characterized by its mysterious and light hearted mood, Space and Stars is perfect for kid friendly content.

You can use Space and Stars in your YouTube videos, podcasts, live streams, Instagram reels and more.

6. Winter is not Coming by Tina
Winter is not Coming is an instrumental kids song that derives its inspiration from traditional Christmas tunes. Piano and xylophone gives this song a playful and happy mood. 

If you want to create fun and interesting holiday content or make sure that your videos outshine your competition, you can incorporate Winter is not Coming into your content.

7. Dreams by Gary Wood
Dreams is a very popular instrumental song by Gary Wood. Employing a wide range of instruments including piano, Dreams aims to take its listeners on a magical realm where anything is possible. 

Having a rather somber mood, this song can go very well with podcasts, lullabies, fairytales and more. 

8. Sleep Time by Gary Wood 
Send off your little one to sleep on a relaxing note with this song! 
Sleep Time has a relieving sound along with a repetitive and calming musical structure. That is why it is perfect for lullabies, podcasts and similar content.

Since Sleep Time is a non copyrighted song, you can use it freely in your commercial and personal projects. 

9. Twinkle by Maggie
Twinkle is an instrumental take on the famous children’s song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. 
You can use this royalty free song in your YouTube videos, Instagram reels, live streams, commercial projects, advertisements and much more. Take a closer look now. 

10. Wings of Fire by Titi
Wings of Fire is the perfect upbeat song to cheer children up and grab their attention. You can use Wings of Fire in your Facebook content, YouTube videos, Instagram videos and more.

What is the upbeat instrumental music?

Upbeat instrumental music is characterized by the lack of lyrics and its high BPM. You can find upbeat instrumental music in various genres including soul, jazz, pop, rock and new age. 

Since upbeat instrumental music has no lyrics, it is perfect background music for podcasts, YouTube videos and more. If you want to spice up your content a bit or keep your viewers engaged, you can consider incorporating instrumental music.

Free upbeat instrumental music

Upbeat instrumental music is the perfect genre for intros and outros. Moreover, you can use instrumental tracks as background music for your videos, podcasts, live streams and more in order to keep your audience attentive and entertained. 

If you are looking for royalty free upbeat instrumental music, take a closer look at our extensive library where you can find thousands of high quality, non copyrighted songs.

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