How to Add and Edit Captions on TikTok

Whether you're a seasoned TikTok pro or a newbie trying to find your rhythm, one thing is for sure – TikTok captions play a crucial role in making your videos stand out from the crowd. Today, we'll uncover the ins and outs of TikTok captions, from editing in-app to discovering nifty third-party apps. So, grab your phone, and let's get captioning!

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How to Add and Edit Captions on TikTok
Elis Ozokur Published: Jul 22, 2023 Updated: Jul 23, 2023 12 min read

What are TikTok Captions?

TikTok captions are the little snippets of text that accompany your videos, and a way of adding an extra spark to your content. They are your chance to level up your storytelling game, crack jokes, share thoughts, and interact with your audience in a fun, engaging way. 


Whether you are starting a controversial debate, showcasing your dance moves (that is, if you know how to record music video with TikTok, of course) or filming an outfit of the day video – captions are your secret weapon to connect with your viewers and hook them into your content.


Welcome to the wonderful realm of TikTok, where creativity knows no bounds, and every second counts!

Can You Edit Your Captions on TikTok?

The short answer: Absolutely! You have the power to be the captain of your captions. TikTok allows you to edit your captions only prior to posting. So, if you have realized a typo before posting, fret not – editing to the rescue! 


Want to find out whether or not can you edit a TikTok caption after posting? Well, there are certain things that you need to keep an eye out for those little slip-ups after sharing your video with the world. We will discuss it further in this article. So, read on to find out!

How to Add and Edit Captions on TikTok

How to Edit TikTok Captions In-App

Editing your captions on TikTok is a breeze! If you are lost on how to edit captions on TikTok after you are done filming and adding a caption, follow these steps to edit your captions:


  • Record Your Video: Once you are satisfied with your video, hit the checkmark button to enter the Editing Page on TikTok.
  • Hit the "Captions" Button: Now, let's bring the captions to life! On the right-hand side of the screen, find the menu with a downward-facing arrow. Click it to expand the options and locate the "Captions" button - it is right under the voiceover on TikTok feature. TikTok will automatically generate captions for you by detecting your video's language. If it happens to detect the wrong language, simply tap the globe icon to adjust the language settings.
  • Arrange the Layout of Your Caption Design: Before diving into the text itself, let's make your captions visually appealing. Click on the capital "A" icon on the right-hand side. Be cautious not to mistakenly delete your auto-captions by clicking the trash icon nearby! From here, you can select a font and color that suits your style. Once you're satisfied with the visual elements, hit "Save" to proceed.
  • Edit Your Captions: Here's the moment you've been waiting for! Click the pen icon next to the "A" icon to begin editing. Want to correct a typo or make a slight tweak? Tap on the specific portion of the text that needs modification. Bonus tip: Hit the play button next to the selected section to align your captions perfectly with your audio. If you find any missing words, add them to ensure seamless synchronization between your captions and audio.
  • Final Adjustments: Now it's time to put the finishing touches. Hit "Save" from the top right corner to finalize your edited captions. But wait, you may notice that you can't drag your captions just yet – no need to worry! To arrange the placement of your captions on your video, simply hit "Save" one more time. Bonus tip: Pay attention to the right-hand side of the Edit Page, where you will spot the exact spots for the like, comment, and share buttons when your video is shared. Make sure your captions don't overlap with these buttons for a flawless viewing experience.


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How Do I Edit an Already Posted TikTok?

Notice something amiss in a video you have already shared with the world? While TikTok offers some editing features even after posting, there are certain arrangements you can play with and others you can't change. 


Here are the features you can change after posting a TikTok by clicking the three dots under the share button:


  • Tagged People: If you forgot to tag your friends or fellow creators in your original post, TikTok allows you to add or remove tags from your video.
  • Ad Settings: TikTok provides flexibility in adjusting your ad settings should you have used the video for promotional purposes.
  • Caption Availabilities: While you can't directly edit captions once posted, you can control whether your captions will be available for viewers. This means you can toggle on or off the display of auto-generated captions for accessibility.
How to Add and Edit Captions on TikTok

How Do You Trim a Sound on TikTok?

Alright, before we dive deeper into the world of captions, let's briefly touch on how you can trim a sound on TikTok. Trimming is an essential skill to ensure your videos match up perfectly with your chosen audio. Here's how you do it:


  1. Select your Sound: Choose the audio you want to use for your video by tapping on the "Sounds" button before recording.
  2. Trim the Sound: When the "Edit Sound" page appears, tap "Trim" at the bottom, and slide the sound wave to adjust the starting and ending points.
  3. Save your Sound: After setting your desired duration, hit "Save" to use the trimmed sound in your video.


For more tips and tricks on how to trim a sound on TikTok, just click on the link, and you will be good to go! 


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Can You Edit TikTok Captions After Posting?

Wondering how to change captions on TikTok after posting or whether or not it is possible? As much as we would love to be the bearer of good news, the unfortunate truth is that once a TikTok video is posted, you can't edit its captions directly. So, it is vital to double-check your captions before hitting that "Share" button. But don't worry; mistakes happen to the best of us, and a typo here and there won't be the end of the world!


We get it – a typo in a posted video can be a shameful moment. But before you delete that video in haste, there is something crucial you need to know. Deleting TikTok videos frequently can negatively impact your engagement rate, as TikTok's algorithm takes these deletions into account. So, if it is just a minor typo, it is better to leave it as is. 


However, sometimes a caption can be way off, and you might feel the urge to hit that delete button. Wondering what you should do in that situation? Check out our article on how to go viral on TikTok, which includes tips on when it's safe to delete a video without hurting your TikTok authority rankings.

How to Add and Edit Captions on TikTok

How to Edit TikTok Captions With a Third-Party App

Looking to up your caption game with fancy fonts, colors, and unique styles? Third-party apps are your address! While TikTok's in-app caption editing offers great functionality, you might find yourself craving more creative control over your captions. 


That's where third-party apps like CapCut Edit come to the rescue! With CapCut Edit, you can customize your captions with various fonts, colors, and styles to give your videos the extra spark they deserve. 


Many other video editing software options out there provide a wealth of features to perfect your TikTok captions. You can try out some software like Adobe Premiere Rush and iMovie to try out your editing skills and bring your captions to life. 

How Do You Add Auto Captions to TikTok Videos?

Auto captions are a lifesaver for making your content more accessible and engaging for a diverse audience. To enable auto-captions for your videos, you just need to click the “Captions” button from the right-hand menu on the Editing Screen.

What are Some Examples of Good TikTok Caption Usage Areas?

Now that you are all set on how to edit TikTok captions, here are some types of TikTok caption usage areas to inspire your creative journey:


  • Fast Talkers Unite: If you are a fast talker and fear your words might race ahead of your viewers' ability to catch up, captions are your knight in shining armor! Adding captions ensures that your message comes across crystal clear and allows everyone to keep up with your energy and enthusiasm.
  • Maximizing Every Second: TikTok's short-form nature means every second counts! Captions help you utilize every moment effectively by hooking your audience to your content.
  • Instructional Videos: From dance tutorials to cooking recipes, captions are a fantastic tool for instructional content. They provide step-by-step guidance, making it easier for your audience to follow along.
  • Accessibility and Inclusivity: Captions enhance the accessibility of your videos, making them inclusive to individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. By adding captions, you're inviting a wider audience to enjoy your creative content.

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