How Do You Add Music to CapCut Edit?

Music is an essential part of any video. It evokes strong emotions in the audience, sets a mood and makes the video more memorable. If you want to create impactful videos that will help you grow your channel, learn how to add music to CapCut edit.

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Snapmuse Published: Jan 08, 2023 Updated: Jan 09, 2023 10 min read

Add Music to CapCut Edit

Music is an essential part of any video. It evokes strong emotions in the audience, sets a mood and makes the video more memorable. If you want to create impactful videos that will help you grow your channel, learn how to add music to CapCut edit.

Music is the backbone of any audio visual content: From YouTube videos of content creators to high budget Hollywood productions, all memorable videos we consume tap into the power of music. From background music to introduction music, all good YouTube channel ideas and high value productions include various forms of music. 

As YouTube, Twitch and many other social media platforms offer monetization opportunities to content creators, the competition on these platforms is on the rise. As a result, it is getting harder and harder to get more views and subscribers. If you want to make sure that your channel stands out and your videos reach thousands of people, you must use every tool in your toolbelt to outshine your competition. 

  • As a very powerful tool to evoke strong emotions, music is one of your biggest allies in this journey. It is a great resource for both YouTube videos and films due to several reasons:
  • Music allows you to improve the viewing experience of your followers. It can be used to trigger passionate feelings in your audience, set a certain mood, and create an immersing ambience. Moreover, it can help you greatly in keeping your viewers engaged and interested throughout your content.
  • You can create videos with high viral potential using music. With the right music, your videos can become much more “shareable”, hence they can reach wider audiences and bring in more subscribers. 
  • Music helps you highlight your message in the best way possible: You can use a catchy tune to attract your viewers, make your message more memorable, hence strengthen your brand identity on online platforms.
  • With the right music to accompany your content, you can ensure that your videos stand out. You can creatively use music to distinguish your content from others and build a strong audio visual style.
  • Music can be your best friend in monetizing your YouTube videos. As all seasoned professional content creators know by heart, YouTube pays per views. That is why getting more views is essential to make a living through YouTube. Using music to attract more viewers and extend your view time is a strategy most successful YouTubers follow almost religiously.
  • With music, you can help your viewers feel more connected to your story and characters. This way, they can feel more invested in your content, show a greater tendency to watch your videos to completion, and give an emotional response. 
  • Using the sentimental potential of music, you can convince your audience more easily. You can create a sense of trust in your brand and/or product, this way you can increase your sales and nudge your potential buyers into the right direction. 
  • You can establish a sense of time and location through music. Let’s say that your story takes place in the 80s. Incorporating music tracks from this era helps you to set an ambience that will strengthen the nostalgic feeling of your content and let your audience know that your content tells the story of a past era.
  • Films, TV shows and videos consist of the juxtaposition of different scenes and shots. A good editing helps you create a sense of continuity while using a complementary music track helps you strengthen this sense. You can tie together distinct scenes and generate a sense of continuity and cohesiveness. 

Overall, adding music to your videos can help you make them more engaging, shareable, cohesive, convincing, and memorable. In addition, music also helps you monetize your content better. Simply ensure that the music you choose is appropriate for your content and message. Also, don’t forget to invest in a tool that allows you to edit your videos and music in the best way possible. 

For this purpose, many professional content creators opt for using CapCut.
CapCut is a potent editing and content production tool created by Bytedance, the startup behind TikTok. Available on both Google Play Store and AppStore, CapCut can be used on both iOS devices and Android devices. It allows users to create and edit short movies with a number of tools and features. 

CapCut offers a rich selection of video editing features including the ability to cut, divide, and merge video clips, add titles, subtitles, texts and stickers, and change the pace, framing and orientation of clips. In addition, CapCut comes with a rich library of non copyright music. You can use these music tracks to enhance your videos without worrying about royalties and copyright fees. 
Moreover, CapCut contains numerous fun and artistic filters and effects for changing the overall aesthetic of your videos or creating fun and quirky videos. 

In short, you can use CapCut to edit your videos and add music to your content without violating YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitch music rules. If you want to learn how to use CapCut, take a closer look at our detailed guide below.

How Do You Add Music to CapCut Edit?

Adding music to CapCut edit is very easy! You don’t need to be an expert to create professional looking and interesting videos on CapCut. All you need to do is to follow these steps:

  • Launch the CapCut software on your device and select the "Music" icon from the bottom toolbar. 
  • Click on the “My Music” tab to access access your device's music library.  
  • Navigate to your music collection to find the music track you want to use, then select it to add to your edit. 
  • The music track you selected will be placed on the bottom of the timeline. By tapping and dragging, you can move, cut, split the track to edit it as you like. 
  • To change the volume of a music track, tap on it and drag the volume slider to the desired level.

CapCut allows you to add music, video effects and sound effects to your videos. If you want to share your content on social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok or Facebook, you should only use royalty free and non copyrighted music tracks. In addition, you can incorporate appropriate sound effects into your video to make it more appealing. Learn more on SFX and what are SFX to successfully use them in your content and attract more viewers.

How to Use CapCut?

Download and install the CapCut app on your device. Open the app and start a new project. Add the videos you want to use by tapping on the “Add” button. 
You can also import music from your device to use in your videos. 

Once you imported the videos and audio files you want to use, you can start editing. 
After you are done with editing, you can export your video or share directly on your socials.

What is CapCut?

CapCut is a video editing app developed by the team behind TikTok, Bytedance. You can find CapCut on both Google Play Store and AppStore. 

CapCut allows cutting, reframing, merging, splitting videos, adding music and various filters to videos. Moreover, it comes with an extensive royalty free music library where you can find non copyrighted songs to add to your video.

How do you add music to edit?

If you want to add music to your CapCut video, you can import your own song or choose a song from the audio library of CapCut where you can find royalty free music tracks.

If you want to import an audio track, choose the music icon and tap on “My Music” to access your own music library. If you want to use songs from CapCut audio library, navigate to it through music icon on the interface.

CapCut edit songs

You can create impressive videos using CapCut: You can cut and merge videos, add filters and effects, adjust the speed of your videos, add music and sound effects.

If you are looking for high quality royalty free songs to add to your videos on CapCut, discover our playlist below to find the best non copyrighted songs.

How do I add songs from Spotify to CapCut?

Adding songs to CapCut from Spotify is a rather involved process. If you want to use the songs on Spotify in your CapCut edits, follow the steps below:
  • Find the song you want to use on Spotify.
  • Get a Spotify music downloading tool like NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter.
  • Copy the link to the Spotify song you want to use.
  • Paste the link to the Spotify song downloading tool and download the audio file to your device.
  • Open your CapCut project.
  • Tap on the music icon, browse your files on “My Music” tab. Find and add the Spotify audio file you want to use.

If you don’t want to download third party applications like Spotify Music Converter, use high quality, non copyrighted music tracks on Snapmuse. Take a closer look at the playlist below to start discovering royalty free songs.

How do you add music to CapCut on iPhone?

There are two ways to add music to CapCut: You can either import audio files from your device or you can choose royalty free songs from the audio library of CapCut.

How do I add music to an edited video?

You can use editing tools like CapCut to add music to your edited video.
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