How to Record a Music Video with TikTok

Being the latest social media sensation, TikTok has broken records in a very short time. Amassing 1 billion users, TikTok is the favourite platform of the new generation. If you want to improve your brand’s online presence or kickstart your TikTok influencer career, take a closer look at our TikTok guide below.

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Feb 13, 2023

Jul 17, 2023


How to Record a Music Video with TikTok

In our day and age, the attention span of an average internet user is very short! We don’t have the time and patience for anything. We want to consume content quickly and without breaking a sweat over it. Why, you might ask, do we have such short attention spans.

The reason behind our short attention span can be attributed to a variety of reasons. One of the key reasons is the constant influx of information and distractions that we face on a daily basis, which makes it difficult for us to focus on one thing for an extended period. The rise of technology and the internet has made it easy for us to access an endless amount of information and stimuli, leading to an overabundance of distractions. Additionally, the way many apps and websites are designed can also contribute to our short attention spans, by providing a constant stream of new information and notifications.

Another reason for our short attention span is the influence of social media platforms and mobile devices. Almost all social media platforms are created to be highly engaging, encouraging users to spend extended periods of time on the app. The reason behind this design choice is purely financial: As users spend more time on social media platforms, they consume more content and see more ads. As a result, the platform can sell more ads and make more profit. 

The addictive design of social media platforms leads to frequent phone and social media checks which can make it hard for us to focus on other activities. You must have been distracted by the mere presence of your mobile phone while working or studying. You want to take a short break and browse your timeline on a social media app for just ten minutes or so. Fast forward to an hour later, you are still stuck on social media and getting absolutely nothing productive done! 

In addition to the effect of social media, there is the element of evolution: Our brains have developed over time to pay attention to new and unusual things, which helped our ancestors to survive, which further explains our short attention span. Due to how our brains evolved in time, we look for new and exciting things all the time. 

As a direct result of our continuous search for novelty and easy to consume content, TikTok became insanely popular over the last few years. In fact, we wouldn’t be exaggerating if we said that TikTok skyrocketed to being a household social media platform in a highly saturated market almost overnight! Now social media users create and share tens of thousands of videos on the platform in a wide range of topics like cooking, cleaning, popular tv shows, new music, books, science, Minecraft TikTok hacks and a lot more.

How to Record a Music Video with TikTok
If you are not Gen Z, you must have heard of TikTok but you probably don’t know what the deal of this app is. Here is a brief introduction of this newest social media sensation for you: 
With the help of the mobile app TikTok, users can make and share 15-second films about any subject they choose. It was created by the Chinese business ByteDance and released in September 2016; it rapidly became well-liked by young audiences. Based on a user's preferences and how they interacted with previous videos, the app utilises an algorithm to propose content to them. Additionally, it offers a selection of editing tools, filters, and effects that users may utilise to improve their movies. The app's music collection allows users to add soundtracks to their videos as well. Additionally, it features an integrated social media feature that enables users to interact with one another through following, commenting, and direct messaging.

TikTok has a vast and engaged user community, making it a valuable platform for businesses to reach potential customers. Brands can create captivating and brief content using TikTok’s tools and filters in addition to non copyright music.  With this content, they can appeal to their target market's interests, which can lead to heightened brand visibility and customer interaction. Furthermore, TikTok offers various advertising options such as sponsored hashtags, in-feed advertisements, and brand takeovers, which enable brands to efficiently target their audience.

In addition, brands can increase their sales by using TikTok as a marketing platform. The app offers various advertising options, such as video ads within the feed, branded hashtags, and collaborations with influencers, which allow brands to connect with their target customers. Additionally, TikTok has e-commerce functions, like an in-app shopping feature, that allow brands to sell products directly to users. By creating compelling content that appeals to the TikTok community, brands can direct traffic to their website and boost sales.

If you want to improve your brand’s visibility, increase your sales, or gain new followers for your other social media followers through TikTok, take a closer look at our detailed guide below on how to record music videos on TikTok.

How to Record a Music Video with TikTok?

Recording music videos on TikTok is much easier than you thought! After downloading the app, you can record your first music video in only mere seconds. Take a closer look at our detailed guide below to learn how to record captivating videos using royalty free TikTok music.

How Do I Record a TikTok Video with Music?

Here is a quick and easy guide on how to record a TikTok video with music:

1) Download the TikTok app on App Store or Google Play Store. 
2) Open the app: After installing the app, open the app and create an account (if you haven't already).

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3) Select the Record button. It is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

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4) Please select a music, sound effect, or an audio file: Browse the "Sounds" section of the app to find the sounds you want to use for your music videos. When you find a sound you like, tap it to open the sound's detail page.

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5) Start recording: After selecting the sound, tap the “Record” button to start recording the video. They will dance and lip-sync to the music, so please have fun!

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6) Add Effects: If you want to add effects to your videos, you can do so with the filters, stickers and lenses available in the TikTok app.
7) Exit and share: Once you've finished recording your music video, you can save it to your camera roll, post it to your TikTok profile, or share it with your friends.

That's it! Enjoy creating TikTok music videos to share with your friends, grow your follower base and join the conversation on the app!

How Do You Add Pre-Recorded Music to TikTok?

To add pre-recorded music to a TikTok video, follow these steps:

1) Launch the TikTok app and tap on the "Create Video" button.
2) Choose how you want to record - press and hold the record button or use the timer.
3) Go to the editing screen after recording.
4) Scroll to the "Music" section, where you can search for songs or sound effects using keywords or browse categories.
5) Choose the pre-recorded music you want to use and edit it using the crop tool if desired.
6) Share your video or save it as a draft.
7) Before publishing, you can also adjust the music volume, add effects, and edit the speed of the video.

Can You Record a Video with Sound on TikTok?

Absolutely! TikTok allows you to create videos with sound with ease. All you have to do is launch the app, tap the record button and voila! Your device's microphone will capture audio as you record your video. And if you want to add some extra flair, you can choose from TikTok's vast library of music and sounds to add to your creation during the editing process.

How Do I Record a Video and Put It on a TikTok?

Here's how you can easily record and post a video on TikTok:

1) Launch TikTok app and tap the "Create Video" button.
2) Get ready to show off your moves! Hold down the record button or set the timer to start recording.
3) After recording, you'll be taken to the editing screen. Here's where you can get creative! Add filters, effects, and music to your video using the tools available.
4) When you're satisfied with your creation, simply hit the "Post" button to share it on TikTok for the world to see!

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