Best Free Stock Music - Download Music for Videos

Discover our top royalty free stock music library! Download free instrumental, Christmas and holiday music for podcasts, YouTube videos and other video projects.

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Oct 21, 2021

Jan 08, 2024


Best Free Stock Music - Download Music for Videos
Looking for royalty free stock music to use in your creative projects? Browse our extensive free stock music library! Discover and download thousands of high-quality free stock music tracks that you can use in your commercial and personal projects – our non-copyright music library is designed to suit any type of creator’s musical needs, niche, and specified social platform! 

Our dynamic royalty-free music library is expanding with new tracks every month! From YouTube background music and music for workout, travel, and lifestyle videos to thousands of high-quality sound effects, Snapmuse’s music library has everything you need! 

You can browse by genres, moods, artists, and usage areas to find the best free stock music for your next YouTube video, Twitch stream, podcast, advertisement, or movie. Preview and download free stock music for video editing now!

Free Stock Music for YouTube

YouTube has evolved into a very competitive platform over the last few years. If you want to outshine your competitors and get higher view counts on your videos, you can polish your content with free production music for YouTube. Use the power of music to attract new viewers and impress your followers - download YouTube videos royalty-free music to increase your engagement rate today!

Here at Snapmuse, you can find a wide selection of exclusive royalty free stock music for videos and creative projects. Discover high-quality and copyright-free music across all genres, moods, and usage areas to find the free production music tracks for your next YouTube content.

Best Free Stock Music - Download Music for Videos

Instrumental Stock Music

Make your content more interesting with free stock instrumental music. To maximize your engagement rate and stand out with your content, you can opt for using high-quality production music in your YouTube videos, Twitch streams, Instagram content, podcasts, musical commercials, and various other projects.

Best Free Stock Music - Download Music for Videos

Free Stock Music for Podcasts

Spice up your podcasts with free stock intro music! You can impress your listeners and highlight the important parts of your content using free stock music for podcasts.

Choosing the right intro, outro, and transition music for your podcasts is an essential part of creating captivating and high-quality podcasts. 

Whether your narrative style is following a script you prepared prior to recording, or creating an outline and then improvising along the way, using high-quality royalty-free music in your podcasts will help your overall project flow smoothly and polish your storyline. 

Check out our royalty-free music and sound effects library to discover the best tracks to set the mood for your podcasts and engage your listeners.

Free Christmas Stock Music

Spread the Christmas cheer with your content! Browse our unique music library to discover royalty free Christmas stock music to create joyous, happy Christmas videos, vlogs, podcasts, advertisements, and much more. 

Gladly, the possibilities are endless when it comes to content creation! You can create a feeling of immersion and presence by using 8D music in your Christmas vlogs to elevate the nostalgic and festive spirit of the holidays.

Holiday Stock Music

Feel the holiday spirit with free holiday stock music! Browse our free audio production music library now to find high-quality holiday music. 

The good news is that our library is updated with unique non copyright songs every month so that you can keep discovering new songs that will encourage your audience to engage with your content more!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for free stock music online, you should check out production music libraries like Snapmuse. As Snapmuse we offer thousands of high quality, exclusive production music tracks. You can browse our library by genre, mood and artist. Discover now!

They are the same! Stock music is also called production music because it is often used in film, radio, television and various other media.

They are very similar but not the same. Royalty free music refers to the tracks that are free of royalties. In other words, you don’t have to pay per use, you pay only once. Stock music roughly refers to ready-made, non-custom music. It is often also royalty free but some production music providers prefer sharing their music on per-usage basis.

Yes, you can! In fact, stock music is one of the go-to alternatives for commercial projects. Unlike tracks under other music licenses, production music tracks are pretty accessible and budget-friendly.

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