Snapmuse, Epidemic Sound or Artlist: Which one is better?

The internet is a huge place! When you look for something like royalty free music library, you come across hundreds of different web pages. It is good to have many alternatives but how are you going to tell which one is the best royalty free music site? Worry not! We are here to help you find the best YouTube non copyright music and copyright free background music on the internet! We offer a thorough guide to help you decide which one of the top royalty free music archives can answer your needs better.

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Which site offers royalty free tracks?

All these platforms offer royalty free tracks and mood booster songs. You can find 11,000 royalty free songs and royalty free music downloads in Snapmuse’s music library, 30,000 songs in Epidemic Sound’s library and 8,000 songs in Artlist’s library. 

User experience: Which one is better?

Having a huge royalty free track library is not the answer to all questions! Users also need a responsive design and an easy-to-use website where they can find background music for videos and mood booster songs. 

Snapmuse and Artlist offers a user-friendly design: You can easily find what you are looking for. Moreover, you can browse by genre, artist and mood so that you can find different moods of music and music for video editing!

Epidemic Sound, on the other hand, needs to improve its design to allow its visitors to browse royalty free music by genres or moods.

The most important aspect: Monetization!

Monetization is very, very important to content creators and composers. In order to continue creating mesmerizing videos, keep up with music trends and grow their audience, content creators and composers rely on monetization opportunities offered by the platforms they share their creations on.

Snapmuse and Epidemic Sound are aware of the importance of monetization opportunities, hence monetization is possible on these platforms but on Artlist.

Can I find sound effects on these websites?

Along with non copyrighted music, you can find many royalty free sound effects on Epidemic Sound but Artlist and Snapmuse only offer music tracks. Although we must add that a wide range of high quality SoundFX are coming soon to Snapmuse! Finally you will be able to find high quality non copyrighted music and most popular music genres along with royalty free sound effects in Snapmuse, one of the biggest music hubs on the internet.

What about remixes?

Unlike Epidemic Sound, Snapmuse and Artlist provide remixes as well! That is why you can find songs for every occasion on these platforms. 

Which one offers stems?

If you are sound mixing for films, TV shows, advertisements or videos, there is a high chance that you will need stem files. That is why Epidemic Sound and Snapmuse offer them (upon request). 

Do they all have “find similar” feature?

When you are looking for just the right music for your video or podcast, advanced search options like “find similar” come in handy. Snapmuse and Epidemic Sound have “find similar” feature while Artlist doesn’t.

Can I search music by the theme of my video?

Yes! On Snapmuse and Artlist, you can do a video theme search yet Epidemic Sound does not offer this feature.

Moreover, you can browse royalty free music by usage areas as well on these platforms.

I also need a video editing tool. What about that?

Then we have good news: A video editing tool is coming soon to Snapmuse! 

Unfortunately, neither Epidemic Sound nor Artlist offers a video editing tool.

Can I get single track license from any of these websites?

Yes, you can get single track license from Snapmuse and Epidemic Sound. Artlist does not have this feature. 

Do they offer track searching service?

Only Snapmuse offers track searching service.

I focus on creating content for social media, so I need social media ready tracks!

Then you should check Snapmuse out! Only there you can find social media ready tracks. The duration of these tracks varies between 10 to 30 seconds, so you can directly add them to your videos without cutting or editing. 

On Snapmuse, you can find social media ready tracks in most popular music genres.

Does any of these sites do in-house music production?

Yes! Snapmuse has in-house production facilities which allows them to offer unique, tailor-made tracks.

What are the subscription options?

Snapmuse and Epidemic Sound offers monthly subscription while Artlist offers yearly.

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