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Electronic music, dance music or EDM… This genre has many names but they all mean the same: Upbeat electronic music that makes you want to dance, dance, dance! This genre predominantly uses digital instruments, electronic instruments and digital music technology to create unique and vivid songs. Although it is relatively young, electronic music has inspired and gave birth to many genres including but not limited to dubstep, dance pop, trap, alternative R&B and much more. Becoming increasingly popular, electronic music is often enjoyed by a relatively younger audience but has been used in various mediums like blockbuster movies and advertisements. If you want to dance or keep your audience alert and energetic, electronic music is what you need.Having a catchy and vivacious rhythm, electronic music can help you make your content more memorable. You can use electronic music in your YouTube videos, streams and also, parties.Below you can find our comprehensive electronic music and dance music library and explore titles related to the genre.

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108 03:30
124 04:47

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