Snapmuse, Thematic or Musicbed: Which one is better?

Music is the heart and soul of every video! From gaming streams to social media posts, adding music elevates any video. That is why professional content creators invest in royalty free music libraries where they can find high quality, unique tracks and non copyrighted music for their content. Luckily, there are many music providers online but choosing the best royalty free music sites for your needs can be a bit tricky. That is why we created a detailed guide that compares three of the top non copyrighted music libraries: Snapmuse, Thematic and Musicbed. Keep reading to find out which one offers more royalty free music downloads!

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Royalty Free Music: Which One Offers More?

Snapmuse and Thematic offer a wide range of royalty-free music to their subscribers while you cannot find royalty-free tracks on Musicbed. 

Instead, subscribers of Musicbed have access to a certain percentage of the songs available on the platform’s library based on their subscription plan and usage areas. For example, if you would like to use a song that falls outside of your subscription, you will need to purchase a separate license for that specific song. 

In this sense, social media content creators and businesses who want to download and use a song from Musicbed’s library need to request their choice of song to purchase its license. Afterward, based on your usage area, the number of your followers, or the number of people in your business project, Musicbed offers you a quote for the license of the song.

On the other hand, at Snapmuse, your subscription and 30-day free trial gives you unlimited access to our rich royalty-free library featuring over 18,000 non copyright songs and 17,000 sound effects.

User Experience: Which One is Better?

Both Snapmuse and Musicbed have responsive, well-designed, and easy-to-use web pages where you can find copyright free background music. On the other hand, Thematic’s page needs some improvements to allow its visitors to find royalty-free background music easily.

You can browse royalty-free music by moods, explore music trends, find royalty-free music by genres, and take a closer look at mood booster songs on Snapmuse and Musicbed.

Monetization Options

All three libraries offer monetization. However, at Musicbed, single-track license plans do not include monetization. On the other hand, currently, Thematic’s royalty-free music library covers content shared only on YouTube and Instagram. This means that subscribers can share and monetize their content on those platforms.

At Snapmuse, you can link five or six social media accounts, one per each platform, depending on your subscription plan. All you need to do is to link your social media accounts to your Snapmuse account and you will be good to go! Then, you can browse our extensive royalty-free music and sound effect library with ease and explore engaging YouTube background music to set the mood, as well as find the best tracks for Instagram, podcasts, Facebook, and Twitch.

Sound Effects

If you’re opting to create immersive and dramatic content, you will need high-quality royalty-free sound effects to make your videos more believable and engaging. It is very important for a content creator to find royalty free sound effects, YouTube non copyright music and music for video editing in one place.

Unfortunately, Musicbed does not have sound effects in its library and SFXs are not covered in Thematic’s subscription plans. Nevertheless, you can purchase Thematics’s various sound effects packs depending on your content’s style.

Here at Snapmuse, a 30-day free trial or a subscription plan opens the door to unlimited access to the rich world of sound effects for you to bring your content to the next level and maximize your engagement!


Only Snapmuse offers a wide range of remix tracks. There you can find royalty-free music by usage areas, browse the best copyright-free music and discover songs to get you in the mood!


Snapmuse shares stem files of the tracks upon request. Thematic and Musicbed do not share stems.

Search Options: Which One is More Advanced?

Having a large library is a plus for online music providers but finding the right track in such a comprehensive library can be challenging. That is why offering advanced search options makes it more accessible to discover the exact type of music that content creators are looking for.

That is why Snapmuse and Musicbed have a “Find Similar” feature and track searching service. In addition, Snapmuse also offers a video theme search feature. 

By using our advanced search options, you can easily explore genres, moods, specific tracks, royalty-free musical commercial music, background and transition music, podcast music, vlog music, and many more to bring your videos to life!

Video Editing Tool

If you use royalty-free tracks on your videos, having a good video editing tool in your arsenal is very important. While Thematic and Musicbed do not have this feature, Snapmuse is going to incorporate an easy-to-use video editing tool into its website very soon.

Another very effective way to enhance your video editing game other than a video-editing tool is adding 8D music to your videos for an immersive experience. You can find all you need to know about 8D music in our easy-to-follow guide and start increasing your social media reach today!

Single Track License

In the case that you need a license for just one track, purchasing a subscription might not be the best option for you since you will not be needing background music for videos very often.

Fortunately, both Snapmuse and Musicbed offer a single-track license which allows you to purchase only one track instead of a monthly or yearly subscription. While Musicbed’s single-track licenses do not cover monetization, Snapmuse makes sure that you can monetize your content with your single track license.

Social Media Ready Tracks

If you are a social media content creator, you might feel that keeping up with your schedule to boost your reach and engagement can be a time-consuming process, especially when it comes to video editing. 

This is exactly when social media ready tracks come to your aid! Varying between 10 to 30 seconds, social media ready tracks have much shorter durations. As a result, it is much easier to incorporate these tracks into your content without going through extra steps like cutting or editing. 

Here at Snapmuse, you can discover various social media ready tracks and save yourself some time and energy for your next video!

In-House Music Production

Among these three providers, only Snapmuse has in-house music production which allows us to create unique tracks upon request and add fresh tracks to our copyright-free music library every month.

Moreover, you can also browse royalty-free music by usage areas at Snapmuse to find songs for every occasion.


Snapmuse offers a monthly subscription while Musicbed offers a yearly subscription. Musicbed’s subscribers can choose a plan based on their usage areas, and follower counts. Unfortunately, the bigger your audience is, the pricier your subscription plan gets.

Thematic, on the other hand, offers a premium subscription and a completely free plan for its users for two platforms. YouTube and Instagram. Both of these plans cover access to royalty-free music with the exclusion of sound effects, and while the premium subscription includes unlimited downloads, you can only download five tracks a month if you are using the free plan.

Here at Snapmuse, our 30-day free trial, Standard Plan, and Commercial Plan give you access to all the royalty-free songs and sound effects in our rich library. You can explore the right type of music to effortlessly set the mood for your podcasts and YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitch videos.

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