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What is Instagram Music?

What is Instagram Music?

Instagram music is a popular in-app feature that allows creators and users alike to elevate their reels, stories, and posts with music. Back in 2018, users could only add music stickers to stories and enable song captions on Instagram.

The progression of these music features to the expansive Instagram music library we are familiar with today has truly transformed Instagram into a platform where music takes the spotlight. Instagram curated a licensed music collection by partnering with music rights holders, ensuring a wide range of popular and well-known songs to be available in its music library.

However, using licensed songs from the Instagram music library in ads or branded content can be a major problme for content creator and business on Instagram. Instagrams music library is for non-commercial uses only, and any unauthorized commercial use may result in claims from Instagram.

With Snapmuse, that is no longer a concern. Our dynamic royalty-free music library allows you the peace of mind you deserve when creating content.

Start your 30-day free trial today! Become a Snapmuser, bring your content to life with our unique tracks and sound effects, let others worry about copyright claims.

Where is My Instagram Music Library?

Where is My Instagram Music Library?

You can access your Instagram music library with two different methods:

  • Through Story Stickers: If you want to take a quick look at your music library on Instagram, doing so through story stickers is the easiest way. Just create your story and tap the smiling sticker icon on the top of your screen and choose "Music".
  • Through Reels: To view your music library, you need to open the Reels creation page first. Just tap on the "+" button at the bottom of your screen, or simply slide your feed to the right to open the in-app camera and choose "Reels" from the menu below. See the "Audio" button located on the top-left-hand side of your screen? That is what will take you to your Instagram music library!

Here, you can browse music by royalty-free-music-by-moods, themes, and royalty-free-music-by-genre, and view the songs you previously saved to your music library.

But if you don’t know how to save music on Instagram, your Instagram music library won’t be featuring any "Saved" songs once you access it. After opening the Instagram music library, just press on the music or the original audio you would like to save, slide it to the left, and check the "Bookmark" icon that appears on the right side of your screen.

Why is There Limited Music on My Instagram?

Why is There Limited Music on My Instagram?

Have you ever wondered why a song doesn’t come up when you search for it in the Instagram music library? There are two explanations for this:

  • You are using a business account: If you have set up your Instagram account as a business account, you might face some restrictions when it comes to adding music to your Instagram content. While Instagram business and creator accounts share many similarities, the main difference between them is that you can’t include copyrighted music in your content with a business account, you have more control over Instagram ads. So, if you are willing to give up the ad-related perks of a business account, you can consider switching to a creator account.
  • Copyright laws in your region: Another reason why you are not able to see or use some of the songs in the Instagram music library might be because the specific song you laid your eyes on is not licensed in your region.

Snapmuse understands the struggles and limitations faced by content creators like you. Our extensive and dynamic royalty-free music collection is here to help you create with peace of mind, without worrying about copyright claims.

Start your 30-day free trial today to get access to our vast royalty-free music catalog. Connect your social media channels to your Snapmuse account and just focus on what matters most: your creative spirit.

Instagram Royalty Free Music

Instagram Royalty Free Music

At Snapmuse, we offer more than just a royalty-free music library. Our vibrant collection of tracks and sound effects is specifically curated to cater to various usage areas, ensuring you find the perfect music for your target audience on Instagram.

Why waste precious time browsing through thousands of tracks when you need an energetic tune to promote your fitness brand? With our intuitive filters, you can easily discover high-quality Instagram royalty-free music and sound effects to complement your Instagram content and engage your audience effectively.

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