City Royalty Free Sound Effects

City Royalty Free Sound Effects

Lively and vivid, city is the perfect backdrop for the modern stories. That is why the city, as a concept, is considered as one of the main characters in many great cinematic works of our time: Woody Allen’s one of a kind relationship with New York City gifted us with classics like Annie Hall and Blue Jasmine, La La Land would not be half the movie it is now if Los Angeles was not such a prominent figure in it, or the cinematic masterpiece Rocky would miss a lot if great city of Philadelphia was not a major character with its impressive presence.

What makes films and tv shows like Annie Hall or La La Land is not only the visual presence of cities but also their sound ecosystem: The noise of traffic, humming and buzzing crowds, footsteps of people crossing the street in a rush, and much more… If you want to add this busy and energetic feel to your videos, films, vlogs, and podcasts and make the city part of the story, see our extensive city sound effects library below.


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