Ambience Royalty Free Sound Effects

Ambience Royalty Free Sound Effects

Ambient sound effects are commonly used in cinema, vlogs, podcasts and more to create a lively atmosphere. They help creating a believable scene.
The noises we hear at a café or a crowded street, the sound of traffic, the quiet buzzing and humming we hear at a library, or the muted sound of cheerful music piped into the streets during the Holiday season are all examples of ambient sounds. Moreover, ambient sound effects can also include sounds we hear in nature, such as the blowing of wind, the relaxing sound of a waterfall, the merry chirpings of birds and so forth.

Widely used in video and film work, ambient sound allows filmmakers to set a mood and create a life like scene in order to grab the attention of viewers. 

If you want your film or video to feel more professional, you can use ambient sound effects. Browse our extensive library to discover hundreds of high quality, royalty free ambient sound effects.


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