Blues Royalty Free Music

Blues Royalty Free Music

Blues is a genre that originated in the southern parts of the United States around 1870s. It has its roots in African-American music traditions and spiritual music of African cultures. As a genre, blues has been inspiring a vast array of genres like jazz and rock and roll since its birth. It is considered that this genre was named after the English expression “the blue devils,” which refers to the severe delusions caused by alcohol withdrawal. Over time, the expression was trimmed to “blues,” and came to mean the feeling of depression and disturbance. Although its name suggests grief and sadness, most blues songs have an impressive emotional range and are able to eloquently express opinions on social issues. That is why blues is one of the most popular genres around the world despite the fact that it has been around for at least 400 years. Below you can find our top picks in blues genre and further explore subgenres of blues.



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