What is 8D Music and How Does 8D Music Work?

If you are interested in music, you must have heard the most recent buzzword of the industry: 8D audio. You can come across many 8D audio YouTube content nowadays: 8D audio songs, bass boosted 8D audio, 8D binaural beats and much more. In the caption part, all these videos say the same thing: Put on both headphones. But what does 8D audio mean? Simply put, 8D audio is a new trend that allows you to experience music in a unique and exciting way. If you want to learn more, see our detailed guide to 8D audio below.

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What is 8D audio?

8D audio means 8-dimensional audio. Scientifically speaking, audio does not have any dimensions but our brains can interpret audio coming from three dimensions: Height, width, and depth. In other words, our brains can distinguish sounds coming from the left, behind, above etc.


8D audio taps into this ability of our brains and makes us think that sounds we hear through our earphones come from different places. Listening a 8D song makes us feel like we are standing in the middle of a large room (think of a concert hall) while musicians move around us while playing their instruments.


Most 8D audio tracks aim to create a calming sensation in the listener. That is why most people listen 8D songs to relax, focus, cope with anxiety or sleep better.

How does 8D audio work?

Our brains use certain clues to detect the source of a sound, such as echo, reverberation, filtering, and discrepancy between two ears. For instance, if the source is on our right, the sound reaches our right ear slightly before our left ear.


8D audio tracks manipulate what (and when) each ear hears to fake these cues our brains use. This way, we feel like the source of sound moves around us throughout the track. That is why 8D only works when we listen through headphones.

How to make 8D audio?

There are several methods used to create 8D audio. One of these methods is physically moving the source of sound around a microphone while recording. If you are playing lightweight instruments or have ample space, this method might work well for you.


If you work with a large group of musicians and/or heavy instruments, making use of the recent technologies is a better solution. Using music editing programs like Audacity or Garage Band, you can create 8D music without needing special equipment or a studio.

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