The Best Minecraft TikTok Hacks

Minecraft hacks are a huge trend on TikTok. If you want to learn more about them or make your own Minecraft Hacks TikTok videos, see our detailed guide below.

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Sep 08, 2022

Jul 17, 2023


The Best Minecraft TikTok Hacks

Why Minecraft videos are so popular?

Released in 2011, Minecraft has managed to be one of the biggest gaming sensations of our era. Redefining the sandbox video game concept, Minecraft allows its players to explore a vast land, create their own buildings, hunt down animals, make new tools and gears, slay monsters, and unveil mysteries. 

In this phenomenal game, players find themselves in a 3D world full of blocks. They gather raw materials, make buildings, craft tools and protective items like helmets, build simple machines, and explore the virtually endless terrain. There are various game mods to make the experience more fun for everyone: You can test your skills in survival mode where you need to pay attention to the needs of your character while fighting various monsters, or you can enjoy a more casual gameplay experience in creative mode and build a home or a monument, and travel around the map without worrying about dying. 

As the best-selling videogame of all time, Minecraft has over 140 million monthly active players and a very lively player community. As a result, you can find tons of user-generated content such as fun modifications, interesting servers, visually appealing skins and texture packs, or exciting custom maps where you can explore endless possibilities and new gaming mechanics.

As a result of its immense popularity, Minecraft is a hit on social media platforms as well. Many influencers and social media personalities stream their Minecraft adventures, make compilation videos, publish walkthroughs and how-to videos, do parodies, produce merchandise, create TikToks, and more.

Speaking of social media platforms, Minecraft has been a viral topic on TikTok for a very long time. Fun gameplay videos, compilations, tips, tricks, and hacks can be found in #Minecraft hashtag on TikTok. A carefully created Minecraft hacks TikTok can easily reach millions of views and help content creators grow their channel overnight. That is why many TikTokers create Minecraft hacks videos every day.

If you want to create your own Minecraft hacks videos or learn more about these hacks, see our detailed guide below. 

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If you are a gamer or spend time on TikTok, you must have heard of Minecraft hacks. 

Different from programming hacks or computer hacks, Minecraft hacks don’t aim to alter the software of the game. Instead, they are like life hacks: A bunch of tips, how-tos and techniques that will increase your efficiency in the game. 

With Minecraft hacks, you can gather resources with minimal effort, create mesmerizing buildings with ease, discover the endless realms without worrying about getting killed by monsters, accomplish even the most difficult tasks without breaking a sweat. 

If you want to make the most out of your gaming experience, you should take a closer look at popular Minecraft hacks. 

Regardless of your experience in playing Minecraft, you can find hacks that will be useful for you. From professional gamers to newbies, we gathered the most helpful Minecraft hacks for everyone!

Minecraft Hacks for Beginners

If you are a newbie trying to get to know this phenomenal game, these hacks are for you!

Chest name hack

Gathering resources in Minecraft is essential for survival yet there is a limit to what your character can carry around. That is why most players craft chests to store their resources and place these chests in safe locations. 
When you have a lot of chests, it is not easy to find what you are looking for. To overcome this problem, you can name and label your chests. When you name your chests and write what is inside on the labels, you don’t have to go through each chest in your shelter to find what you are looking for. 

You can summon a floating nametag using the code below:
/summon <entity/block> ~ ~-2 ~ {Invisible:1b,Invulnerable:1b,NoGravity:1b,CustomName:”Chests are great”,CustomNameVisible:1} 

You replace CustomName with your custom text in quotation marks. This way you can name your chests and even write their contents on these labels.

Creeper proof chest

Creepers can walk around your belongings and explode to ruin everything. When they explode near a chest, they blow up and burn everything inside. Considering how important your resources are in this game, a creeper ruining your chests is very annoying.

If you want to protect your chests from annoying creepers, all you need is some water and stairs! 

Gather 9 stairs. Place them around your chest. And finally, put some water over the stairs. Voila! Now you have a creeper proof chest.

Easy castle building

Minecraft allows you to realize even your wildest dreams -such as building a castle! 

To build an impressive castle in Minecraft, you need cobblestone. Lots of cobblestone! 

To create towers, you should make 6x6 squares and build 16 blocks over it. Put in floors so that you have stories as well: Your rooms should be 3 blocks high. Don’t forget to place ladders so that you can transport through the stories.

Build 4 towers in total to make a square. Then make walls that connect your towers. Your walls must be 15 blocks tall. When you are done with the walls, make a walkway on top.

For the interior of your castle, place cobblestones on the floor. Add some pilars, build a cobblestone roof on top of them. If you want a fancy castle, you can add some glass panels on your roof as well.

Once you build the roof, you are done! You can decorate and add rooms inside your castle to your liking. Enjoy!

Minecraft Hacks for Intermediate Players

If you know your way around a Minecraft server but aren’t a professional player, these Minecraft hacks are for you!

Carpet duplicator

Fuel is a constant need in Minecraft: Smelters, torches and other materials require fuel sources like charcoal or carpets. Yes, you read it right: Carpets! 

Carpets can be used as fuel. Although they are not very efficient, so you need a lot of them. Luckily, there is a carpet duper you can craft. It can produce more than 500 carpets in 5 minutes so that you never run out of fuel.

For carpet duplicator, you need the following items:

1 x Sticky Piston
1 x Lever
1 x Observer
1 x Coral Fan
2 x Chest
3 x Carpet (any)
3 x Hopper
6 x Slime Blocks
10 x Obsidian
30 x Glass

Build your chest first, then place your hoppers next to your chest. Place your sticky pistion beneath the top hopper and dig a shallow 1x2 hole in front of it. Put your lever next to the piston. Put your observer in the far corner of your hole and face it away from the piston. Place your slime blocks on top of the observer. Put the coral fan on the third block and place your three carpets above it. Place your obsidian blocks next to the carpet and fan blocks. Finally, build the glass around your tool.

Switch your lever twice and start duping carpets!

Working bathtub

Did you know that you can craft a working bathtub in Minecraft? 

You need some quartz blocks, a dispenser, a button, quartz stairs, and a water bucket.

Place your dispenser block in the middle. Put your quartz blocks around it to create the bottom of your bathtub. Then place some more quartz blocks around the floor of your bathtub to create walls. Make sure that you also place quartz stairs so that you can get in and get out of your bathtub. Place the button on an easy to reach point over the walls of your bathtub. Finally, place the bucket of water in the dispenser. 

Press the button to enjoy your working bathtub!

Pet pillager

You can have a pet pillage by taming it! You need at least 5 shields and some patience to tame your pillager.

Equip your shields and find a pillager. Stand near it and place your shields to block the arrows of the pillager. You can use food to keep the pillager near you. After roughly 5 shields and 15 minutes, your pillager will have shot all its arrows. 

When the pillager runs out of arrows and its crossbow is broken, you can use a nametag to give it a name and prevent it from despawning. You can use a boat to move your brand new pet pillager around.

Minecraft Hacks for Advanced Players

If you are a seasoned Minecraft player, these hacks are for you!

Floating void platform

To create a floating void platform, you need to reach the Floating Void Dimension by dropping into the void. Once you drop into the void, you need to use an elytra to fly. While flying, you must equip a torch so that the void lights up and teleports you to the Floating Void Dimension.

You can gather unique blocks in the void dimension and use them in other dimensions to create platforms, buildings and much more.

Rainbow beacon

To create a rainbow beacon in Minecraft, you first need a working beacon base. You need diamond, iron or gold for the base.

Build your beacon base and surround it with stained glass blocks. These blocks will give color to the light of your beacon. 

Then add some borders and non-sticky pistons around the beacon base. Don2tforget to leave a gap so that you can toggle the piston feed clock on and off.

Then wire up a clock system: It is a circuit that runs on loop and powers pistons below it. 

Place an inner piston to cover and uncover the beacon. Place an outer piston to open and close the clocks so that your beacon can “wink”. 

Add another layer of stained glass blocks, border and pistons. On top of the second layer, wire up another clock and you are done! Enjoy your rainbow beacon.

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