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Create magnetic films and videos that will grab the attention of your viewers in mere seconds using cinematic music.

Snapmuse Published: Oct 21, 2021 Updated: Jul 17, 2023 6 min read

Royalty Free Cinematic Music for Videos

If we are talking about the creative process of magnetic films and videos, it would be impossible to separate the perfect blend of visuals from audio. In film, music is a crucial part of storytelling when the aim is to deliver the intended emotions and atmosphere in a scene. 

Understanding how to choose the right type of cinematic music and when to implement them into your videos will help you to grab the attention of your audience in mere seconds. 

Especially on social media, creators have to be quick to lure their viewers into their content in the first few seconds before a viewer loses interest and jumps into the next video. 

That is why using cinematic music is an excellent way to complement your YouTube videos, movie trailers, artistic projects, and much more. That is why most video artists, documentary producers and indie movie makers opt for using free stock music cinematic.

Here at Snapmuse, you can browse our extensive royalty free song library to download exquisite free cinematic music to elevate your content.

Download Free Cinematic Music Songs

Often instrumental, cinematic music is exclusively composed for creating dramatic videos, inspiring films, breath-taking action scenes and memorable cinematic experiences.

If you are looking for high quality royalty free cinematic music, discover our dynamic library of non copyright songs across all moods, genres and usage areas.

Top Cinematic Trailer Music

Trailers offer a great opportunity to promote a film’s story to the audience when the right cinematic music is used to create a dramatic and engaging effect. That’s why trailers should excite the audience by communicating the intended emotions. 

What is more, trailers are not only reserved for movies! For example, if you are creating Minecraft gameplay videos for YouTube, YouTube Shorts and TikTok are great for sharing a short trailer clip of your video. Meanwhile, feel free to check our Minecraft TikTok hacks guide to get inspiration for your next video.

Don’t forget to check out our library to tap into the power of free cinematic music, download trailer music, and create intriguing and enticing trailers for your movies!

Inspiring Cinematic Piano Music

We love cinema because it touches our hearts and creates unforgettable moments that stay with us forever. If you want to impress or inspire your audience with your films, download inspiring cinematic piano music now.

Best Epic Cinematic Music

Enhance your storytelling abilities with epic cinematic royalty free songs. Download top epic cinematic music now!

Cinematic Logo Intro Music

If you want to make an impact and ensure that your audience has your brand etched into their memory, using cinematic logo intro music might be just what you’ve been looking for!

What Does Cinematic Mean in Music?

Cinematic music refers to the original music that is composed for a film. From artistic short movies to blockbusters, cinematic music is used in a wide range of different genres due to its ability to evoke strong emotions in the audience.

Cinematic music can be sad, happy, slow, fast, dark or cheerful. It can be in any genre and is often used as ambient music or background music. 

Keep in mind that cinematic music is not the only form of audio that filmmakers use to enhance the quality of storytelling in a scene and that is when sound effects come to the picture. What is sfx, you ask? Sound effects are an essential part of sound design as they help any video be more realistic and natural. 

If you want to produce a mesmerizing film, a memorable documentary or an impressive video, you can start browsing our royalty-free music and sound effects library today. From cinematic background music to cartoon and ambient sound effects, we’ve got everything covered to help you complement your visual content!

History of Using Music in Movies

Movie buff or not, everyone knows that early films were silent. So how and when did music become an integral part of the cinematic experience?

The primitive projectors used in the early days of cinema were so loud that they would often distract the audience from the film. In an attempt to overpower the noise made by projectors, filmmakers started to use music.

In time, we created better projection devices that would work much more silently but we also noticed that music is a very powerful element that complements visuals and enhances the quality of storytelling in film.

That is why filmmakers continued to use music in films in a much more deliberate way to evoke emotions in the audience, highlight important parts of the film and create a more appealing experience. Now, we cannot imagine a film without music - it has become as important as the rule of thirds for balancing and elevating the overall composition in film! 

If you want to create bewitching films and start building your own fanbase, see our extensive royalty free music library to find the best type of cinematic music such as instrumental cinematic music and cinematic piano music tracks that will give life into your film with music!

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