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Having its roots in rock and roll and pop music, rock genre is considered to be born around 1960s. Significantly grimmer and more serious than its predecessors, rock music is often associated with anger, experimental musical structure and anti-establishment ideas. Various genres like jazz, blues and classical music has been inspiring rock music. That is why, as a genre, it is considered as one of the most progressive ones.Drums, electric guitar and bass guitar are very prominent instruments in the majority of rock songs yet due to its ever changing and exploratory nature, this genre often employs a wide range of musical instruments. Having numerous sub-genres, rock music has been one of the most popular genres across the globe and has been involved with motion pictures, tv shows, video art, advertising and cultural movements. Regardless of the medium, rock music can enliven your content. Below you can find our comprehensive rock music library and further explore the subgenres of rock.

100 04:00
100 03:45
96 03:57
122 02:34
84 03:09
110 03:34
105 03:41
110 02:34
88 04:26
115 03:08
110 05:13
123 03:13
120 02:36
105 03:25
106 03:08
110 03:17
96 00:20
73 02:28
124 02:37
77 03:37

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