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Born in Jamaica around 1960s, reggae music refers to a raggedy style of music enriched by funky and repetitive tunes. This genre is considered to be derived from the evolution of ska and rocksteady genres. The defining characteristic of the reggae genre is its off-beat rhythms. Vast majority of reggae songs contain staccato beats played by a piano and/or a guitar on the upbeats of a measure. As a result, the most prominent feature of this genre, the ‘jumpy’ feel of the songs, is created. As a salute to the origins of the genre, most reggae songs feature Jamaican accent. Themes of survival and being a fighter are pretty evident in the lyrics. On average, a reggae tune has the tempo of 80-100 BPM and is written using the 4/4 metre. Backbeat is highly emphasized. Drums, keyboard, electric guitar, brass, horns, electric bass and Afro Cuban percussion are often incorporated into reggae tunes. If you desire to create a warm, sincere and vivacious environment or give your videos a funky and outspoken characteristic, you must consider employing reggae music. Below you can explore top reggae / dub tracks in our library.

88 02:22
93 03:08
152 03:03
94 03:26
104 03:06
81 03:12
103 03:11
148 03:05
91 03:15
97 03:01
100 03:12
86 03:01
83 03:08
160 03:15
90 03:14
93 03:11
90 03:14
120 03:14
134 03:09
92 03:11
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