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Born in New Orleans, jazz was an outlet for African American community in the late 19th century. Through jazz, they were able to express themselves, their concerns, dreams, struggles and emotions. Deriving its inspiration from ragtime and blues genres, jazz genre manages to incorporate creative freedom and syncopation. The defining characteristic of this genre is improvisation, prominent metre and distinctive performance techniques. The vast majority of jazz tracks employ brass instruments, drums, piano, double bass and guitar. Often a soloist and a choir is present, yet the musical structure often aims to highlight the soloist’s performance. In the early years, jazz was mainly for dancing yet today it became more sophisticated and often preferred by cafes, coffee houses and restaurants as a smooth yet vivacious background music. You can opt for jazz tunes to give a refined and and spirited feeling to your videos and projects. Below you can find our extensive jazz library and further explore the sub genres.

150 04:31
115 04:46
150 04:33
100 04:03
95 03:12
85 05:10
130 02:36
110 05:18
100 04:22
100 04:51
112 03:38
70 02:01
120 03:48
106 04:17
93 02:33
90 03:16
90 02:10
115 03:03
130 02:24
115 03:47
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