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Weddings are the most romantic organizations by far. As the celebration of love, weddings offer us unforgettable memories that make us smile, or even, laugh. Other that passion, what makes weddings so unique and beautiful? Music, of course! Playing all night long, music sets the mood for a wedding. A romantic, slow tempo song for the first dance, and upbeat, happy songs for keeping the audience on the dancefloor all night long; weddings call for a comprehensive playlist that covers various genres and musical styles. In our wedding genre library below, you can find the best non copyrighted wedding songs that will brighten up your wedding.

121 01:01
80 03:28
90 03:16
130 02:24
120 02:15
115 03:30
80 01:56
100 04:03
120 03:36
120 01:38
80 03:01
120 03:40
80 02:23
90 03:12
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