Footsteps Royalty Free Sound Effects

Footsteps Royalty Free Sound Effects

It is a widely known fact that sound design is an essential part of video and film making. It is the impressive visuals and visual effects that draw our attention to what is happening on the screen, and it is the sound design that makes us suspend our disbelief and keep paying attention to the plot. 

Moreover, sound design plays an integral role in setting the mood and evoking emotions in the audience. With the right sound effects and background music, you can make your audience feel anything: You can use slow, steady footsteps to create a feeling of expectation, you can add the sound of a person running to make your audience excited and on edge, or you can use the sound of high heels to create mystery and tension. 

Browse our extensive footsteps library to discover hundreds of different footsteps sound effects that you can use for foley purposes. In our library you can find female and male footsteps, indoor or outdoor footsteps, slow or fast footsteps and so much more.


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