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Snapmuse Published: Oct 22, 2021 Updated: Jul 17, 2023 7 min read

Why do YouTubers use royalty free background music?

Music copyright is an involved topic that has caused problems for many online content creators. There are tons of popular, even viral videos that were taken off of YouTube due to the copyright violation. Regardless of how successful or popular your content is, it will be taken off if it violates the copyright rules of YouTube. That is why almost all YouTubers use royalty free music in their online videos.

If you want to create professional looking YouTube videos and impress your audience, you must browse our impressive royalty free music archive where you can find the best free stock music in various different genres including but not limited to pop, jazz, folk, acoustic, funky, dance, classical and instrumental.

You can find free background music, royalty free soundtrack music and more on Snapmuse. You can use these tracks in any project: YouTube videos, podcasts, corporate advertisements, video game cinematics, animations and more!

Discover background music from curated music library

The impact of music on creating engaging content is known by everyone. That is why all the content creators pay great attention to find the most suiting background music tracks for their content.

When you search for downloadable music, you come across thousands of results that promise royalty free music free download, audio music and more. Yet finding the best royalty free background music for your content in this chaos is not an easy task. That is why we offer curated music libraries in Snapmuse, so that you can browse songs in any genre and mood you are looking for, find popular songs, inspiring artists and trending tracks.

On Snapmuse, you can find thousands of background music royalty free tracks, free background sounds, license free background music, best sound effects, high quality mp3 tracks and more. Browse our music archive now to discover the latest trends, popular songs and royalty free hits!

Royalty Free Background Music

Top 5 genres

Snapmuse offers a comprehensive music library where you can find stock background music free. Yet the best thing about Snapmuse is its ability to list thousands of royalty free music for videos in different genres.

It is a widely known fact that different genres of music have different effects on the audience. For instance, instrumental tracks allow the audience to focus better. So, royalty free piano background music is a great fit for a serious presentation. On the other hand, upbeat and cheerful music creates a happy mood and allows the audience to reminiscence happy times. That is why royalty free Christmas music can be a very good match for your holiday themed content.

See the most popular 5 genres of background music below and discover the best royalty free music for commercial use.

Top 5 moods

Music is magical! It can make us happy, romantic, sad, energetic, relaxed, terrified and more. That is why it is a great tool to set a mood for a gathering, a video, a store, or even a restaurant. Knowing that, we curated unique mood lists for your background music needs. From happy music to professional music, you can find anything you need in our mood lists.

Browse one-of-a-kind mood lists of Snapmuse and discover good royalty free music!

Top 5 usage areas

Royalty free music can be used in many different projects including podcasts, YouTube videos, advertisements, Twitch streams and films. In accordance with the medium, the characteristics of the most fitting background music changes. For instance, a funky background music can be very inappropriate for a corporate setting but it is one of the best options for a stream.

Below you can find the best free stock music sorted according to their usage areas. Browse now to free download royalty free background music for your project!

Highlight the adrenaline with the action background music.

Inspiring Background Music for content creators

Since social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat has become an important part of our lives, we are exposed to hundreds of different content on a daily basis. As a result, we forget a great majority of these. Yet we remember inspirational, engaging, funny or very unique content even after a long time. That is why creating a memorable content is very important in our day and age.

If you want your audience to remember and cherish your content for a long time, you must subscribe and check our royalty free music for video archive where you can find thousands of sounds, music beats, Christmas music and much more!

Listen and download popular background music

If you want to create popular content, you must incorporate popular background music as well!

Check our vast library of royalty free music for YouTube and find the best songs and background music for your content. On Snapmuse you can buy background music, download royalty free mp3 background music or discover tens of different moods and genres.

If you need royalty free corporate background music or looking for royalty free background music to download, you are in the right place! From hip hop to trap, jazz to pop, funk to EDM, there are thousands of high quality, popular music in our huge archive.

Latest albums

Are you looking for free royalty background music for videos? If so, you are in the right place! Check out the latest albums and discover the best royalty free music for YouTube videos.

Latest tracks

Latest tracks introduces the newest and most popular tracks on Snapmuse. Browse the latest tracks to find royalty free hip hop background music, high quality jazz background music, inspirational music and much more!

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