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Snapmuse Published: Oct 21, 2021 Updated: Jul 17, 2023 9 min read

Top Royalty Free Instrumental Picks

The definition of instrumental music is very simple and straightforward: An instrumental song is a music track that has no vocals. It can have some inarticulate vocals in the form of shouted back up vocals but other than that, instrumental songs have no vocals nor lyrics.

You can incorporate royalty free instrumental music into your YouTube videos, Twitch streams, Instagram posts, TikTok videos, podcasts and many more video projects in order to create professional looking and engaging content.

If you are in need of royalty free music, look no further! Browse our extensive library of copyright free instrumental music where you can find thousands of instrumental tracks and samples.

Royalty Free Instrumental Music - 30+ Top Picks for Your Videos

Usage Areas

The purpose of instrumental music may vary greatly: First of all it is a great tool for the education of up and coming musicians. Instrumental songs are the best for exercise, that is why learners of an instrument play instrumental songs again and again to improve their motor skills and mastery of their instrument.

Moreover, instrumental music is the perfect background music for many occasions: In a restaurant, coffee shop, afternoon or evening event, formal diner, formal gathering and more. In such occasions, instrumental music provides a soothing background music while allowing the guests to focus their attention on each other and their conversations.

In addition, instrumental music creates a luxurious but laid back atmosphere. You can opt for playing instrumental tracks in your dinner party, evening event, gathering, restaurant or coffee shop to ensure that your guests are entertained but also they are able to carry out a conversation with one another. another.

In addition, you can use instrumental music in your YouTube videos, Twitch streams, advertisements, podcasts, Instagram videos, TikTok videos and many more projects. Instrumental songs are the best intro music, that is why you can opt for intro music download options for your content. You can use non copyright intro music in your videos, podcasts and streams to keep your audience engaged and make your content appear more professional.

If you need good intro music for your projects, take a closer look at our instrumental music library where you can find podcast intro music, YouTube intro music, news intro music, epic intro music, cool intro music and much more.

Browse our extensive intro music library for intro music free download where you can find 30 second music, 15 second music and more.

Christmas Music Instrumental

Christmas is the best time of the year for most of us: All the decorations, festive atmosphere, gifts being exchanged, delicious food and more importantly, the Christmas music playing everywhere! If you want to bring the Christmas spirit into your music videos, YouTube videos, podcasts, streams and other projects, all you need to do is to find non copyrighted Christmas music!

Some Christmas tracks are instrumental, which means they don’t have any vocals nor lyrics. That is why they make the best ambient music and short intro music.

If you want to grab the attention of your audience within the very first few minutes of your video or podcast, you need to incorporate a good, non copyright intro music. You can find the best Christmas themed royalty free podcast intro music in our Christmas instrumental music playlist. Take a closer look now to find intro music and podcast intro music.

Corporate Background Instrumental

Corporate videos are the best tools for introducing the corporate culture to new recruits, informing employees about new developments, changing rules and etiquette of the company or building a strong relation between two businesses through B2B content. That is why being able to produce impressive and professional looking corporate videos are very important and beneficial for your business.

In order to create an impressive corporate video, you need high quality videos, great content and most importantly, impressive background music and royalty free intro music.

You may opt for using 1 minute piano music, small background music, 30 seconds music mix, inspiring music and corporate music as background music for your corporate video. Using the right music that complements your video allows you to emphasize your message, impress your audience and make sure that you evoke strong emotions in them.

Instrumental Intro Music

Instrumental music works best when used in intro parts of podcasts and videos. It allows the audience to connect with the content, moreover it creates a strong brand identity for your channel.

If you are looking for free intro music for YouTube or want to learn more about how to get intro music for podcast, take a closer look at our extensive library where you can find best intro music for gaming, best intro music for presentation and much more.


Music has the impressive ability to evoke a wide range of emotions in us, humans. That is why we often tap into the power of music in order to create a certain mood, set the tone for a video, highlight our message, cheer someone up, support our story and so forth.

We implement intro music, outro music, background music and such to content to set the tone, evoke a certain mood. In our impressive mood library you can find thousands of no copyright tracks in every mood and genre. Take a closer look now to find 1 minute background music, 5 second intro music, 10 second music and much more.

Upbeat Instrumental Music

Upbeat instrumental music is often used in order to highlight the cheerful mood of a video or create a carefree, happy atmosphere.

Upbeat instrumental music can be used as background music, intro music, outro music and transition music. Browse our massive mood library to find the best, high quality upbeat instrumental music now!

Sad Piano Music

Piano is a very versatile instrument. It is able to create music that fits any mood: happy, excited, mysterious, upbeat, sad and more. You can employ sad piano music to complement your story, ensure that your audience empathizes with you or evoke a certain emotion in them.

You can find thousands of high quality, no copyright sad piano music in our extensive mood library and create professional, captivating content now.

Inspirational Instrumental Music

Music is many things: happy, sad, exciting, energizing, inspirational… If you want to grab the attention of your audience, emphasize your call to action or evoke strong emotions, you need to discover our inspirational music playlists where you can find 1 minute inspirational music, 30 second music, 10 second background music and much more.

Discover Royalty Free Instrumentals by Genres

Royalty free instrumental music offers a wide range of musical genres. From jazz to hiphop, classical to latin; you can find anything in our extensive Instrumental Music library.

Browse by genre, artist or mood to find exactly what you need in our, no copyright music library now. Relaxing Music, Acoustic, Scoring, Jazz Music, Electronic & Dance.

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