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Discover top royalty free music for commercial use! Free download meditation, indie, intro, Christmas and holiday music for your commercial videos.

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Snapmuse Published: Oct 21, 2021 Updated: Jul 17, 2023 7 min read
The aim of commercial content like advertisements, promotion videos, infomercials, and corporate videos is to evoke positive emotions like happiness, trust, and hope. That is why creating high-quality commercial content requires professionalism and competence.

To build strong bonds with their audience and encourage them to make a purchase, many content creators use free music for commercial use.

If you want to create impressive content, browse our comprehensive free commercial music library where you can discover royalty free tracks and download royalty-free commercial music.

Free Music for Commercial Use

If you are creating a corporate video, make sure that you use appropriate music.

Music alters our cognition and mood to some degree:

  • Relaxing music accelerates our decision-making process.
  • Happy music makes us form emotional bonds.
  • Instrumental music makes us more trusting.

If you want to grow your business, enhance your commercial content with free no copyright music for commercial use and impress your future customers. You can find top commercial music in our free library for commercial use. Browse now!

Royalty Free Music for Commercial Use -  25 Exclusive Picks

Meditation Music for Commercial Use

Meditation has many benefits for the mind and soul: It relieves stress, helps focus, clears the mind, allows us to make better decisions, improves our mood, and makes us feel more peaceful. In order to step into a meditative state, most of us play some meditative music.

In addition to practicing meditation, you can use royalty free meditation music in your projects as well! You can incorporate free meditation music for commercial use into your meditation app, commercials, advertisements, guided meditation video, spiritual podcasts, and various other personal and/or commercial content!

Indie Music for Commercial Use

Are you an indie business owner? Maybe a coffee shop, a start-up, a book shop, a tech company, or something completely unique. Regardless of what you sell, you must work on your brand’s identity and image to make it an independent business owner.

Create engaging vlogs, produce impressive advertisements, record unique podcasts and grab the attention of your future customers. Incorporate free indie music for commercial use into your content and highlight the “indie element” of your business.

Browse our comprehensive indie music library now to find the best corporate tracks and music free to use for commercial uses.

Royalty Free Music for Commercial Use -  25 Exclusive Picks

Intro Music for Commercial Use

In today’s highly competitive business world, you must find ways to outshine your competition. Create catchy jingles, produce memorable advertisements, create professional corporate videos and attract your future customers!

Incorporate license-free music for commercial use into your videos and create extraordinary advertisements now!

Christmas Music for Commercial Use

Christmas is the best time of the year! Reuniting with friends and family, spending time with our loved ones, giving and receiving presents, delicious food, cute and quirky decorations… Every little detail about Christmas holds the power to make us smile and feel joyous.

If you want to build a strong, emotional bond with your customer base or bring the Christmas spirit to your corporate office, you should consider adding some Christmas music to your life! With royalty free Christmas music for commercial use, you can create beautiful corporate videos, remarkable advertisements, and influential business content.

Holiday Music for Commercial Use

Holidays mark an important time of the year: We spend time with our loved ones, buy presents, travel to our home town, and enjoy the joyous atmosphere.

From a business perspective, holidays offer the best chances to grow your business, connect with new customers and increase your sales. Create joyous advertisements and attract new customers now! Incorporate free holiday music for commercial use in your videos and impress your audience.

You can use non-copyrighted free music for videos in your advertisements, professional product videos, and various other projects.

Creating impressive corporate content can be a little bit tricky. In your commercial projects or corporate videos, you must use high-definition visuals, incorporate royalty-free instrumental music for commercial use and make sure that your content looks professional and inviting.

Also, you must edit your videos carefully to evoke strong and positive emotions like trust, confidence, happiness, and determination in your audience. In order to build such emotional bonds with your future customers, you can tap into the power of music. Yet you must be careful! You should pay attention to the attribution and licensing requirements of the corporate music you use. If you don’t want to deal with fees and serious legal ramifications, you should use non-copyrighted music.

You can opt for creative commons music free for commercial use, or you can look for free commercial use music for videos. If you need high-quality, copyright-free music for commercial use, you should take a closer look at our extensive library where you can find royalty-free music across all genres, moods, and usage areas. 

If you have questions about free music tracks for commercial use or music licensing, see our Q&A section below.

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