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If you have ever created video content, you must have noticed the importance of finding a good, high quality music.

According to the science, music has the impressive ability to change our mood. It even affects how our food tastes and how we make decisions. After listening to upbeat, cheerful music, we tend to take greater risks and feel much more creative. Moreover, listening to soothing music makes us feel significantly less stressed and helps us focus for longer periods of time.

Also, what we listen to affects how we feel. If we listen to sad music, we feel melancholic. If we listen to happy, energetic music, we feel more cheerful! That is the exact reason why almost every movie and advertisement tap into the great power of music in order to evoke emotions in their audience.

Perfect background music for professional looking videos

If you want to create professional looking videos, impressive advertisements, memorable infomercials, fun podcasts and captivating YouTube videos, you must find the appropriate music for your content. Through the use of right background music, you can make your content come alive.

Browse the extensive music library of Snapmuse and find the best free background music for videos.

Amongst the thousands of high quality, royalty free background music in our library, you can find exclusive and free background music for YouTube, high quality free background audio for videos and much more. Moreover, you can filter according to the genre, mood and artist in order to find what you are looking for.

Latest tracks for background music

Using Free Background Music for Your Videos

A captivating video is the one that possesses four important qualities: High quality visuals, a good editing, engaging content and finally, music that complements the content. If you want to create professional videos and grow your audience, you must pay attention to these qualities while producing.

You must know that finding free background music for video editing is not an easy task if you create video content regularly. That is why we offer thousands of non copyrighted, cool background music for videos.
In our extensive music library, you can find thousands of unique tracks in different genres and moods. From pop to jazz, classical to electronic, house to reggae, you can find the best royalty free mp3 tracks and download them in Snapmuse.

Popular genres for Instagram Videos

Each and every day, the number of Instagram users grow. That is why creating an impressive presence on Instagram is more important than ever for both individuals and companies. From influencers to million-dollar companies, everyone wants to be popular on Instagram.

If you want to attract hundreds of thousands of followers and get tons of likes on your Instagram videos, you must incorporate appropriate music.

In the huge archive of Snapmuse, you can find various tracks that will suit your needs regarding the Instagram videos, such as background music for informational video, background music for vlogs, background music for presentation and more. Browse now to explore thousands of royalty free music tracks!

Common YouTube background music

Various video sharing platforms like YouTube have copyright and attribution rules regarding the use of music, sound effects, audio, songs and similar media. That is why you need to use non copyrighted music for your YouTube videos.

In our extensive library that features the prime examples of royalty free music, epic tracks, short and long intro music, instrumental music, realistic sound effects and more, you can find the right background music for your YouTube content.

If you are wondering how to find background music for YouTube videos, you are in the right place! Snapmuse offers the best background music for YouTubers, background music for video presentation, common YouTube background music and more! Browse our library now to find high quality YouTube music, download your favourites and start editing your content!

If you’d like to know how to add background music to YouTube videos, it is very easy! First you must find free music for videos with no copyright, then you need to download the music you liked. Afterwards, you can add the mp3 file to your video through using video editing programs! We advise using royalty free video background music in order to comply with the regulations and rules of YouTube.

You can find thousands of royalty free YouTube background music on Snapmuse!

Free background music for video editing

If you are looking for background music for video editing free download options, Snapmuse is here for you! On Snapmuse, you can find background music for videos, royalty free tracks and more.

You can find high quality tracks from top artists on Snapmuse and use these tracks on your commercial and non-commercial projects.

Find Background Music for Any Project

Stream, vlog, podcast, documentary, advertisement, film, cinematic… Whatever your content is, we have the right background music for you here on Snapmuse!

You can create engaging streams by using good background music for gaming videos, fun videos for kids by using free background music for children’s video or captivating podcasts by using background music for narration. Browse our extensive library, explore different genres and moods to find the perfect musical match for your project!

Top background music usage areas

Music is an essential need for many projects including videos, films, documentaries, vlogs, streams, podcasts, advertisements, presentations and more. If you are interested in finding the perfect music for your project and grab the attention of your audience, you must browse the unprecedented background music library of Snapmuse where you can find free background sound effects along with the free podcast background music, best background for presentation, film, Instagram video, YouTube video and more.

Documentary Videos

Documentary videos are known for their relatively more serious character. As a result, using royalty free instrumental background music or more soothing tracks suits documentary videos better. If you are interested in creating professional looking documentary videos, you must check our documentary music library.





Vlogs are personal, engaging and fun! That is why choosing the right vlog background music is very important: The music you use can enhance the uniqueness of your vlog or turn it into a boring video.

Browse our vlog background music library to find upbeat tracks, dramatic songs, fun sound effects, jazz music and much more audio that will enhance your vlog.


If you are creating a movie, you must find the best underscore for your artwork in order to evoke emotions in your viewers and help them relate with the characters. For instance, if your movie takes place during the Christmas time, you must find royalty free Christmas music to create the holiday sprits.

If you need movie background music, you should browse our dramatic background music library to find the best slow, cheerful, sad and upbeat music.














How to Choose the Right Background Music for Your Video

According to the professional video content creators, using a music that fits your intentions and content is very, very important. A common mistake done by amateur and/or fresh creators is not using music at all or using a track that is completely irrelevant to their content.

If you want to avoid this rookie mistake, you must choose your background music wisely. We know that it is very tempting to go for the most popular tracks while editing but you need to consider if that popular track suits your video.

For instance, if you are creating a cheerful video, you must not use slow music. Instead, a happy music suits your content better. Moreover, if you are creating a yoga video, a relaxing music or a light background music is better for your content than an EDM track.

Let’s say that you are creating a workout video, then an upbeat pop music or a popular music for YouTube might suit your content the best and motivate your audience throughout their exercise.

If you are indecisive about which kind of music suits your content better, you can check our mood lists, genre lists, unique playlists and browse free music videos online for inspiration.

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