15 Best Halloween Songs for Kids for Scary Good Fun

Delicious candies, fun and quirky costumes, interesting decorations and more… It is not surprising that Halloween is the favorite holiday of most kids. See our Halloween songs below to make this exciting time of the year even more fun for children!

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Oct 19, 2022

Jan 08, 2024


15 Best Halloween Songs for Kids for Scary Good Fun

Best Halloween Songs for Kids

Celebrated on the 31st of October, Halloween is a very fun holiday. On this day children go out trick or treating: They dress up in quirky and cute costumes and knock the doors of their neighbors to say “Trick or treat!” If the neighbor doesn’t offer children some delicious candy, they get “tricked” by children.

Most adults and almost all children wear interesting costumes on Halloween. They can dress up as their favorite superhero, film or book character, historical figure, or mythical creature such as a vampire, a unicorn, a werewolf and so forth. In addition to costumes, “scary” decorations make Halloween exciting! It is customary for people to decorate their home, front yard, and office. Some neighborhoods even have a front yard decoration contest: The owner of the scariest yard wins a small price and bragging rights. Skeletons, jack-o’-lanterns, spider webs, fake blood, and other elements often associated with horror movies are used as decors. In order to set the mood in their yard, home or office, some people opt for playing Halloween royalty free music.

Since Halloween is observed in the fall, most decorations and food are inspired by or contains fresh pumpkins. Pumpkin pies, pumpkin drinks and of course, jack-o’-lanterns carved out of pumpkins are very popular. 

Inspired from the Irish legend Stingy Jack, jack-o’-lanterns can be carved out of root vegetables such as turnips. According to the legend, Stingy Jack is a drunkard, and he makes a bargain with Satan. As a result, he gets doomed and is allowed to roam the Earth only while holding a hollowed turnip to light his way. 
When Irish immigrants settled in the States, they brought this tradition with them. Since it was easier to find pumpkin in the States during the Halloween season, pumpkin became the most popular vegetable to make jack-o’-lanterns from. 
To make a jack-o’-lantern, the top of the vegetable is cut off to create a lid. Then the flesh inside is removed. Finally, a scary face is carved out of the rind and a light source like a candle is placed in the hollowed out vegetable.

Before Halloween, many families get together to carve pumpkins and have some quality family time. Another tradition associated with this holiday is visiting haunted attractions. Haunted attractions offer live entertainment that simulates the horror stories or supernatural events that are believed to take place in a specific location such as a haunted mansion, a cemetery and so forth. Often adults and teenagers visit haunted house attractions to enjoy the Halloween sprit. In order to attract visitors, haunted attractions use mythical or supernatural characters like demons, ghosts, witches, monsters, or wizards. Moreover, they place scary decorations and often play horror royalty free music to create an engaging experience. 

If you want to make Halloween unforgettable for your guests, friends, family, and children, take a closer look at our best Halloween songs list below. We gathered the most scary and the most fun Halloween tracks to make 31st of October fun for you. 

15 Best Halloween Songs for Kids for Scary Good Fun

Costumes, candy, exciting activities and eye-catching decorations make Halloween a children’s favorite: Many children eagerly wait for this special holiday to get a good scare and have fun with their friends. If you want to make this Halloween unforgettable for your children, take a closer look at the 15 best Halloween songs for children we shortlisted below. 

You can play these tracks as kids royalty free music at any event: They are fun, catchy, thematic and age appropriate. They have quirky lyrics, upbeat tempo and interesting sound effects that will draw the attention of children. 
1. This is Halloween 
A Nightmare Before Christmas is the Halloween movie for most kids and adults alike. Its scary imagery, catchy tunes and interesting storyline are enough to entertain anyone. If you want to set a fun yet a bit scary mood at your Halloween party, This is Halloween song from A Nightmare Before Christmas is the best way to go.

Including a roll call of supernatural creatures, This is Halloween welcomes everyone to celebrate this spectacular holiday. Its high tempo and quirky lyrics never fail to entertain listeners of all ages.

2. Monster Mash
Children are unbelievably energetic -especially when their bellies are filled with delicious Halloween candy! That is why Monster Mash is one of the best songs to play at Halloween. 

Telling the story of a crazy but brilliant scientist encountering a plethora of monsters in his lab, Monster Mash is s very fun song that makes its listeners dance with joy. You can play this song to help children spend some of their seemingly endless energy in a safe and fun way: Dancing and singing together!

3. Spooky Scary Skeletons
Along with spider nets and jack-o’-lanterns, skeletons are staples of Halloween décor: They are fun, they are silly, and a bit scary!

Spooky Scary Skeletons can be considered as an ode to skeletons, and it is another perfect song to dance. 

4. Them Bones
Speaking of skeletons, we must also mention Them Bones: A Halloween classic! 

This fun song has easy to learn lyrics and a dance to accompany. If you want to entertain children on Halloween night, you can blast this song and teach them some moves so that they can sing and dance with glee.

5. Under My Bed
There is no better time to teach children how to deal with the monsters under their bed than Halloween! 

Under My Bed tells the story of a scared children fighting with the monsters under his bed using a broom. Its upbeat rhythm and fun lyrics make it the perfect Halloween song.

6. The Monsters Hop
Is it really a Halloween celebration if the Halloween royalty like Dracula, Frankenstein, zombies, and vampires don’t make an appearance? We don’t think so!

The Monsters Hop is a spooky song that makes even Frankenstein and Dracula dance with gusto. That is why it is a perfect Halloween party song you should play.

7. Monster Boogie
Another fun monster song to sing along is Monster Boogie from Disney. 

Children of all ages can quickly learn the lyrics and accompanying dance to the song. If you want to get your guests showing off their skills on the dancefloor, this is the perfect song to encourage them.

8. The Purple People Eater
Halloween must be spooky and quirky, and The Purple People Eater is the perfect song to set such a tone. Catchy lyrics, simple beats and of course, the one-eyed, one-horned flying purple people eater make this song a giant hit at parties.

9. Halloween Sharks
If you think the Baby Shark craze is finally over, we are sorry to break it to you that, in fact, it is not! Halloween Sharks is the spooky version of this insanely catchy song. 

Adults might not love Halloween Sharks but children will not stop singing it!

10. Costume Party
Costumes are probably the best part of the Halloween so this is a perfect song to experience the spirit of this holiday.

11. The Darlings of Lumberland 
The Darlings of Lumberland invites us to meet the most amicable ghoul in the history. Trying to finish school and find its way through the mausoleums, our friend ghoul is sure to entertain children.

12. Haunting Days of Halloween
If you want to spice up your Halloween playlist a bit, Haunting Days of Halloween is the song you are looking for. What makes this song unique is its jazzy sound and spooky mood. 

13. Ghost in My House
Speaking of “haunting”, we must mention Ghost in My House. This fun song tells the story of the tenants of a haunted house.

14. Season of the Witch
With Lana Del Rey’s somber voice, Season of the Witch of Donovan turns into a down tempo Halloween song that is perfect for slowing down the party to catch your breath a bit. 

15. Ghostbusters
A Halloween classic, Ghostbusters is adored by many generations. All in all, they are the ones ya gonna call when there is something strange in your neighborhood! 

What is the most viewed Halloween song?

There are many amazing songs associated with Halloween but some of these songs are quite popular. If you want to entertain your guests or live out the Halloween spirit at your home, take a closer look at Halloween hits like Ghostbusters, This is Halloween, Spooky Scary Skeletons and Monster Boogie.

If you are looking for other holiday songs like Christmas royalty free music, don’t forget to visit our extensive holiday tracks library.

What are some Halloween rhymes?

If you want to entertain your kids on Halloween, try teaching them some Halloween rhymes like Ring Around the Pumpkin, Mean Old Witch, Five Little Pumpkins, or Ten Little Witches.

These Halloween rhymes are both fun and educational: You can teach your kids both how to count and fun things about Halloween! 

Is there a Halloween song?

Yes! There are many fun and catchy songs that are associated with Halloween. If you want to learn more about Halloween songs or find royalty free Halloween songs to play at your party, take a closer look at our extensive library.

In addition to kid friendly Halloween songs, you can also find other holiday songs like Christmas royalty free music Sweet Valentine in our archives. Discover now!

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