World music is a genre that aims to capture the diverse and rich musical traditions of various cultures around the globe. The term was coined around 1980s to describe traditional music of non-western cultures and has grown stronger ever since. Also known as indigenous music or folk music, world music has ethnic elements and manages to incorporate unique, traditional instruments and foreign vocal styles. As its definition suggests, world music often has a complex musical structure and brings diverse sounds together. You can find throat singers, sufi melodies, or African instruments in world music songs. This authentic genre has the magical ability to take the listener to new worlds and unexplored territories. It may sound unfamiliar to you at first, but as you listen you are sure to find pieces of yourself in world music tracks. World music allows you to explore the mesmerizingly colourful cultures around the world without even leaving your living room. Below you can find top world music tracks and further explore this genre.

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