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    Scoring (also known as film score, underscore, or incidental music) refers to the original music tracks composed to accompany a certain motion picture. The soundtrack, sound effects and cues are elements of film scores. Often, film scores are composed by one or more artists parallel to the vision of the producers and director. Mostly an ensemble of musicians or a choir performs the score. An orchestra, instrumental soloists, vocalists and a choir can be present in a film score track. The main purpose of film score is to enhance the story, evoke emotions and keep the audience engaged. As a result, the tempo, rhythm, lyrics (or lack thereof), preferred instruments and musical structure of film scores vary significantly. Film scores are usually inspired by the most popular music genre of their time but jazz, ethnic music, rock, blues, pop and classical music are the main genres that have been shaping film scores. Below you can find our extensive list of film scores.

    96 01:36
    120 01:44
    120 01:34
    100 01:00
    120 01:54
    70 02:04
    133 04:11
    88 03:35
    120 01:06
    86 00:54
    120 00:37
    135 00:21
    140 02:01
    144 01:08
    120 01:25
    98 01:14
    148 01:03
    120 01:42
    110 02:44
    106 01:28
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