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Relaxing Music

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Music has impressive effects on our mind and body. It can make us happy, sad, relaxed, stressed, energetic, or even tired. That is why it is a very popular practice to employ music in order to decrease stress and enhance the mood of an individual. As a genre, relaxing music refers to any track that makes the listener feel more relaxed and helps them with stress management. Listening to slow tempo music can calm the body, relax the muscles and soothe anxiety. That is why relaxing music has gained more audience as the urban lifestyle, increased competition in almost all areas of life and modern workplace make individuals more stressed. You can instantly feel better, more focused and relaxed with the help of relaxing music. You can even meditate to this genre, or use relaxing tracks as the background music to your videos. Below you can find our exclusive library of relaxing music and find the best track for your project or meditation session.

90 05:56
120 01:44
60 03:56
90 03:50
82 03:47
0 13:19
91 03:17
70 04:13
100 04:11
0 04:16
80 04:03
82 05:31
82 01:28
120 04:32
90 02:43
105 04:17
120 02:32
70 02:04
70 02:45
70 02:30
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