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R&B music refers to rhythm and blues. Originated in African American culture, this genre is taking over the world. Since its birth in 1940s, R&B and soul music has undergone a lot of changes and redefined itself but its ability to successfully incorporate pop, blues, funk, soul and hip-hop elements remained the same. The vast majority of R&B tracks has the ability to make the listener dance. The fast rhythm and insistent beat evoke happiness in the audience. Most prominent lyrical themes in this genre often expresses the struggles and victories of African American people. R&B manages to open a window to the life, relationships, dreams and concerns of African American community while preserving its urban identity. In the last two decades, the musical structure of R&B songs has shown a significant shift towards pop with the emergence of new and popular artists. Today, R&B and soul music have a devoted audience and are often opted for in advertisements, motion pictures and promotional contents. If you want your audience happy and dancing, R&B is the best genre for you to use in your projects. Below you can see original and high quality R&B songs in our library

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82 03:47
140 04:12
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140 03:52
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65 03:59
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120 03:44
74 04:01
80 03:29
105 02:13
95 03:24
115 04:48
85 03:57
115 04:05
95 03:12
80 02:51
180 03:48
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