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Pop music (also known as popular music) is one of the most listened genres around the globe. It was born around 1950s and has grown ever since. Although it has numerous sub genres and varies in style, it is often upbeat and cheerful. Pop music derives its inspiration from numerous genres including rock music, electronic dance music and funk. Since most pop music songs have a strong beat and a lively rhythm, it often evokes happy emotions and is good for dancing. In addition to upbeat pop tracks, there are many romantic or emotional pop ballads as well. This variety allows pop music to remain popular and change in regards to the cultural dynamics of every era. Another characteristic of this genre is its catchy lyrics and melody. That is why pop music is often used in advertisements and promotional content. If you want your videos and projects to reach a bigger audience and be more memorable, you should consider incorporating pop music. Below you can find top tracks of pop music and further explore its sub-genres.

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105 04:18
108 03:04
120 03:06
90 02:45
115 03:39
135 02:26
115 01:25
110 03:29
101 03:02
100 02:53
121 03:18
105 02:29
83 02:04
120 02:52
120 04:09
110 04:05
119 03:03
118 03:10
110 02:18
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