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    Latin music is the term that refers to Spanish and Portuguese tracks that share certain characteristics. As a catch-all term, Latin music covers a variety of sub-genres and unique styles like bachata, salsa, rumba, tango, bossa nova, merengue and such. Moreover, lively fusions by Latin people living in the States have found their way into this genre recently. Latin music is often defined through four aspects: The language, musical structure, geography and finally, cultural background. The language can be Spanish or Portuguese while the musical structure can refer to numerous sub genres like Latin Pop, salsa, tango, bachata and more. As an umbrella term, Latin music has the ability to capture hundreds of different styles and musical structures, yet one specific characteristic remains the same across this captivating musical mosaic: The dance-worthy rhythm! Below you can find the top Latin music tracks that will bring joy and vivacity to your projects and videos.

    110 05:18
    90 02:45
    121 01:01
    150 04:06
    101 03:02
    103 03:35
    100 02:53
    105 02:29
    80 03:18
    110 03:29
    95 02:24
    100 03:09
    107 03:57
    115 03:11
    95 03:24
    105 02:35
    80 02:03
    85 02:19
    100 02:08
    120 02:44
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