Holiday Royalty Free Music

Holiday Royalty Free Music

As a genre, holiday music (also known as seasonal music) is often used to refer to Christmas songs. In a wider sense, the celebration music for a holiday event is considered to be in this genre. The most prominent feature of holiday music is the fact that it is almost always revived in a specific period of time. In other words, holiday music is strongly associated with the holiday time, festivities and family gatherings. Holiday music can be considered as an umbrella term that covers many different musical genres including but not limited to jazz, country, choral, and pop. Often, holiday music tracks are spiritual, cheerful and celebratory. The lyrics can derive their inspiration from historical events, legends, biblical stories or the overall festive aura of holiday times. Holiday music tracks gain popularity around Christmas, Chanukah, Thanksgiving, Easter and Halloween seasons. You can incorporate holiday music to give your videos and projects an uplifting and sincere aura. Below you can find top Holiday tracks in our library and further explore the sub genres related to holiday music.

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