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Funk music originated in African American culture in 1960s and managed to attract a crowded audience from various backgrounds. Its most prominent characteristics are being upbeat, danceable and catchy. Although they are often pretty intertwined, funk genre derives its inspiration mainly from jazz music while disco has a more pop tune to it. Moreover, disco genre has a greater tendency to create tracks based on lively beats but funk genre predominantly uses real instruments. Both funk and disco music emerged from R&B genre and a strong similarity between these genres still stands. Both funk music and disco music are good for dancing and evokes happy, giddy emotions in the audience. Horn, saxophone, trumpet and trombone are prominent instruments in funk and disco genres and can be found in a great majority of funk and disco tracks. If you want to create vibrant content, funk and disco genres can do wonders for you. Below you can find a list of top funk and disco tracks from popular artists.

120 02:29
125 03:40
110 03:11
101 03:13
115 02:40
120 02:48
110 03:57
115 04:28
100 02:39
120 01:39
115 05:45
120 03:31
117 03:37
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