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Classical music is often associated with a higher level of intellect and culture, and distinguished from folk music. This genre is considered to be art music and has its roots in the Western musical tradition. Classical music derives its inspiration from liturgical music and secular music, and refers to the tracks composed in a certain period in the history. It is considered that the birth of classical music was around the 6th century but over time, this genre went through a series of changes and lived through many trends. As a result, it is rather difficult to list certain and definitive characteristics of this genre. Often, classical music derives its inspiration from the nature, legends, myths and folkloric elements. The main instruments employed in classical music are piano, organ, string instruments, brass instruments, harpsichord and percussion. The majority of classical music tracks have an epic feel to them and as a result, they have been employed in various motion picture genres and advertisements. Below you can find our comprehensive library of classical music.

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